Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”




This is the latest.

It has been like this all year. Jackson knew this phase was coming, and is getting help to see it off.

He’s asking if people would like to see more of the documents and correspondence on a website?


Thanks Stabby.

I can make out the gist of it but could you translate this into simple terms please?


Yes please. It helps me understand the level and extent of the barriers being put in the way.


Thanks Stabby.


Delay delay delay. That’s all they’ve got.


At what point does the judge say enough is enough on the delaying tactics?

Or can it legally just go on & on?


Just finished watching Senate Estimates on sport. That sleaze Farrell was the only Senator to ask questions, mostly directed towards exploring divisions between Hunt and Morrison and States\ Territories on the Hunt lottery proposal and designed to show that it was just a Hunt light bulb moment.
He did ask whether the 433 submissions to the National Sports Plan review would be made public. The response was that they would, subject to the agreement of those making the submissions.
Sharpe , the new ASADA head, appeared for about 5 minutes, asked about his challenges. Using management speak, he said that, coming off the biggest anti-doping crisis in Australian history, the lessons learnt were to focus on operations and strategy. [ My comment: strategy should be not to manufacture another crisis]
He advised that ASADA had not made a submission to the Sports Plan, but to the Wood Panel. Farrell left him completely off the hook by not asking for a copy.
( could be possible via FOI) But what that shows is that submissions to the Sports Plan will not come before the Wood Panel. So, what was the point of making submissions except for public servants to file them?


I would like to see more of the documentation as this proceeds thanks for keeping us informed x


Please go ahead Albert.
Captains call.


Great work Stabby. Only problem is I have very little idea what it says (makes me feel pretty stupid).The way I understand it (and I may be completely wrong) Gils party has employed more stalling tactics, and Jackson is trying to speed things along with this letter?


No, I meant I can understand the main points but hoped you could interpret it in simple terms and provide a little more context. You are more qualified to do this than I am!


I’ll have a go Albert. It’s a bit tricky because we don’t have the preceding letter from Gill’s solicitors.

It looks like the Defendants have made 15 objections to Jackson’s new statement of claim. One is to do with whether the AFL acts in trade or commerce, which would bring it under the Competition and Consumer Act (the annoyingly long named replacement for the Trade Practices Act).

I think people have posted here before about how this could be relevant for all sorts of other tax and corporate law issues, because the AFL currently enjoys various tax breaks and limits on transparency requirements through a quasi-charitable status. So the AFL could be a little nervous at running this issue. Obviously others here are better informed on that point than me.

Jackson is saying that if Gill wins on this trade and commerce point, the rest of Jackson’s case is hopeless, so it should be run as a separate preliminary issue if Gill and the gang run it at all, before hearing other issues in the case. It looks like the Defendants are asking that all objections be heard at once, and Jackson is saying this is too expensive a way to proceed if he fails on trade and commerce. However, he also maintains that the trade and commerce should not be run at all because it is such a weak point.

Keep in mind this is a very rough outline of one letter in a series of correspondence. The main game to us might be vindicating the 34 and innocent staff, but the AFL may be more concerned about the trade and commerce issue. Needless to say I would love to see some more correspondence.


I understand nothing has been scheduled yet.


The AFL legal eagles will just keep finding things and keep adjourning this case and interrupting the flow for as long as they can. They can afford to keep doing this but Jackson may not be able to keep playing the game to stay in the game. And; that’s what is all about, theatre in the court room.


Read in the HS today that we have settled with Nathan Lovett Murray - sorry can’t access on line to post the link.

Key point in the end seemed an unreserved letter of apology from Lindsay Tanner for the Supplements Saga.

I believe NLM is the last player to settle.


Didn’t we announce everyone was settled a month or two ago?


Essendon writes personal apology to Nathan Lovett-Murray for pain caused by AFL drugs saga

Michael Warner, Herald Sun
October 31, 2017 7:05pm
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ESSENDON drugs saga victim Nathan Lovett-Murray has received a formal apology for his pain and suffering.

The “unreserved” apology — delivered by Bombers president Lindsay Tanner at the club’s Tullamarine headquarters on Tuesday — was a condition of the compensation settlement struck between Lovett-Murray and the club last month.

The former Bombers defender plans to return to the club in the coming weeks to perform a traditional indigenous smoking ceremony aimed at cleansing Essendon of bad spirits.

The apology was witnessed by Lovett-Murray’s father, Gary, his manager Peter Jess and Bombers chief executive Xavier Campbell.

Lovett-Murray’s compensation settlement was one of the last negotiated by the 34 Essendon players caught up in the long-running scandal.

In a statement handed to Lovett-Murray yesterday, Tanner admitted the Essendon supplements program had been a “mistake of the highest magnitude”.

“As chairman … I am writing to provide you with an unreserved apology on behalf of the club for its failings with respect to the 2012 supplements program and the consequences this has had for you and the family,” Tanner wrote.

“It is unacceptable that the club cannot advise with certainty the supplements you were given and that you and your family had to endure such a significant period of uncertainty with respect to the ASADA investigation and subsequent legal matters.

“It is unfair that you were subject to an adverse finding by the Court of Arbitration for Sport and had to suffer a year’s suspension from the game you love.

“The supplements program was a mistake of the highest magnitude.

“As a club, we should have had more robust systems in place to ensure the protection of our players. We are determined to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again at our club and have taken a number of steps since early 2013 to make sure that this is the case.

“As a valued past player, I hope that, despite all that you have had to endure, you will accept this apology and will feel ready to return to the club in some capacity in the near future.”

Jess said on Tuesday night: “The club should be congratulated for taking this very positive step in the overall healing process for the players, their families and the Essendon Football Club community at large.”

Lovett-Murray played 145 games for the Dons between 2004-13.

An Essendon spokesman told the Herald Sun: “It is absolutely appropriate that the club has personally apologised to Nathan as well as all players impacted by this matter. We sincerely hope this helps bring further closure for the players and their families.”


It says in the article it was settled last month, so you’re right @theDJR.


I still don’t like that the club acts like the players actually had something illegal when there is no evidence that they did …it isn’t exactly what they say it’s how they say it & what they don’t come right out & say …it makes the 34 look guilty & we all know they weren’t