Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


eugh come on.

the apology is between the club and players. NLM is clearly appreciative of the apology, and id bet so too would be the other potential recipients.

if we all know that the 34 are not guilty then you dont need to be fkg paranoid about it and restate it at every opportunity, especially not in a letter where you are penning an unreserved apology, that just strikes me as being in bad taste


Cant wait for the AFL to apologize in this manner to our club, the players and the staff.

I want a special apology for James.

“* May never happen.


Gotta change yer modals there bud


According to a 31 October press release by Karl Murray ( a cyclist) the NZ equivalent of ASADA pulled much the same stunt on him as ASADA did to the Essendon players, by appealing to CAS at the last moment and introducing new evidence at the CAS appeal which it could have submitted to the NZ tribunal.


Please tone it down Alex. The Club needs to do exactly like it has for Nat-rat to everyone player involved in the supplement saga and at least four of the coaching staff. It should have been done much sooner, rather than let the players and staff carry the bag for the club itself.

And; that is what was a damn disgrace and many of us have trouble forgiving because the club has known this secret and kept Mum all along. When the players and some designated staff were copping it via the media non-stop, where was the club then - standing in the corner with their mouths wired shut.


“If we all know that the 34 are not guilty then you don’t need to be fkg paranoid about it etc.”

Thanks for assumptions but we all DON’T know whoever those that do, its the majority of the footy public don’t know, its not just an opinion of guilt which is widely spread amongst the footy public. There is still NO evidence and if evidence is proof of guilt it still ain’t popped up its head.


Im in complete support of the club apologising. 100% no issue with apologising. I suggest you read the post again

I also dont think the club should go out of their way to reiterate their supposed lack of guilt in a letter between the club and the players, as I think that is in bad taste, and defeats the purpose of the unreserved apology.

The letter is not designed for the football public, and i doubt it was meant to go public at all, so when i refer to ‘we’, i refer to the small number of us here who have actually seen the letter. The way the letter may be received by the general public, should not, and i doubt was, a factor the club took into consideration when penning the letter, so to have a whinge about they way it makes you, the unintended reader, feel is completely irrelevant. Thats my point.


Well NLM is managed by Peter Jess who often lives in fairy land.


AFL, ASADA, WADA, and the government. should be down on there hands and knees begging for forgiveness from for the conspiracy they put upon innocent young men, players, coaches and support staff. The clubs biggest failing was not having a backbone and standing along side Hird. Understanding at the same time it was a David vs Goliath battle, and the club felt it had to concede to survive. Still doesn’t make me feel any better about it though and because they did concede they have no choice but to write letters like this. It still makes me feel so ■■■■■■ angry.


I agree it probably wasn’t but the letter is out there now in the public arena and that is NOT a bad thing at all.

The public who hold incorrect opinions on the matter will never be easily convinced it was a sham in the way it was projected
by the media, basically to cover the AFL’s backside and backdoor dealing with ASADA.

In a rather strange way, it may have been the saga that shook the EFC out of year’s of complacency.


Yes totally agree the saga may actual lead to the mighty Bombers actually being mighty again.


We were on the way to being “mighty again” with James Hird as coach. We were playing Hawthorn off for top spot on the ladder when the AFL shafted us.

What followed was five seasons of AFL-caused crap.

If that hadn’t happened, it is very likely we would have been much better - we would have retained Ryder, Carlisle and Crameri; and probaby picked up good players in the first two rounds of the drafts those two years we were suspended, etc etc. It is quite possible we would have won a Premiership or two.


Agree Albert, but how ironic, the media, ASADA, AFL & other team supporters wanted EFC brought down and they got the opposite and then some.LOL


It may have been ‘irony’ if they were ‘brought down’ by a fighter jet.


Coates and his Olympic mates may not be too pleased with the messages sent by the recent international meeting of national anti-doping agencies ( mostly government agencies or government funded)
In their media release of 31 October, they called for:

  • WADA to be more independent of the IOC ;
  • rejected the WADA proposal to act as the international testing body;
  • rejected proposals for CAS to be the sole sanctioning body, noting that the most senior positions in the CAS governing body are held by senior IOC executives ( I.e. Coates etc).


Blitz first:
Future Essendon fans will be asking current Essendon supporters what you did to support the injustices handed out to 34 Essendon players.

So, J34 are proudly hosting a symposium at Melbourne University on Tuesday evening, 21 November i.e. in 2 weeks time, book it in

“Sports integrity and Players Rights”

Moderator will be Tracey Holmes (ABC)

Speakers will include Brendon Schwab (World Players Association), Prof Julian Savulescu (Oxford Uni) Madeleine Farrar (Aust National University), Bob O’Dea (Chemist J34), Michele Verroken (Sports Intregrity) Steven Peak ( Lawyer J34) and introduction by Prof Kim Sawyer (Melbourne Uni).

The symposium will be filmed.

An small entry fee is required to cover the cost of the venue and filming.

Booking will be via Trybooking as seats are limited. A link will be provided shortly.


Absent WADA reforms, athletes rights might not be going anywhere.
Reportedly, the rights of Indian cricketers have taken a hit from WADA.
According to reports, Indian cricketers, supported by the Indian cricket board, objected to the one hour window in the WADA whereabouts rule, on grounds of privacy and security. An independent testing body was contracted for the cricketers, using the same WADA accredited laboratory as the Indian anti-doping agency.
WADA then ordered the ICC to sort it out, under threat of suspending the Indian anti-doping agency - which could have barred India from Olympic and other major international events.

The Indian cricket board caved in.


Great stuff, Stabby and B5Au!

It is tough for interstate supporters to attend, but hope to see the filmed version. Happy to contribute some $ for this.


Thanks for keeping us up to date with this stuff @bigallen it is appreciated.


Al itl shows is that Olympic Sports and their needs always over-ride non-Olympic sports - Cricket is yet another sport which should have it’s own version of the WADA Code.