Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


I think only politicians in parliament are protected by parliamentary privilege …people like McDevitt are not, how ever depending on what type of enquiry they have they can be protected from prosecution if they have done something wrong


buck passing at it’s finest


or if they have breached the constitution



Great news!

Jackson will need all the brilliance to fight the AFL’s millions and dirty tactics.


Latest letter from Bruce Francis:

Dear Mr Hunt,

I am not sure if you would have had time to watch it, even without Parliament sitting this week, but the very fine movie Spotlight – the story about paedophile priests and the Establishment’s failed attempts to cover it up - starring Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo was on Foxtel Movies today…

Spotlight, like the Australian movie Don’t Tell, is a perfect example of that lovely old saying: “Beware, your sins will find you out.”

In the case of Cardinal Bernard Law and all the paedophile priests in Boston, they did.

In the case of Toowoomba Prep, the school at the centre of Don’t Tell, the sins of not just the paedophile were found out, but the people in suits who attempted to cover it up. Reputations were smashed forever.

Interestingly, Erin Brokovich said Don’t Tell was the best court room drama she had seen since the movie made in her name.

Again, the lesson in that movie is: Beware, your sins will find you out.

As each day goes by, your sins are mounting, so the day of reckoning can only be getting closer.

Something common to the three movies I have mentioned is the fact that the Establishment tried all the tricks it could, legal and illegal, to cover up its crimes.

So, it is no surprise that the Establishment, whether it is ASADA or any of the other ten bodies whose corrupt, incompetent or immoral behaviour I have provided evidence of to you, are resisting with all the force they can muster.

The fact that your department tried, and ASADA is trying so determinedly to stop me getting information to which I and any other member of the public are entitled re-confirms daily that they must have a lot to hide.

Their refusal to honour Freedom of Information requests is the best encouragement I can get to keep digging, and keep digging until the real culprits have been punished and the 34 Essendon footballers have their names cleared once and for all.

Last Friday, as a result of the Information Commissioner’s intervention, your department was forced to release documents it tried to hide.

Sadly, the documents revealed disturbing information:

Although I provided you by 29 January 2017 with five documents totalling 263 pages supporting my case to create a Royal Commission, you did not request your staff brief you on the merits of my case until 20 February 2017.

You required an urgent response the same day.

The response indicates that your staff only looked at one of the five documents. Clearly, English was not one of their languages.

Your staff were only given three of the five documents

Your staff are either the most incompetent in history or they were involved in a huge cover-up.

Your staff believed that I didn’t identify a single issue that hadn’t been addressed by the courts. They are liars.

You broke your promise to me, inter alia, “Thanks Bruce, I will consider carefully”.

Mr Hunt, I have distributed over one million words on the saga. Jack Rush QC and your department are the only ones to question anything I have written. My dissection of Rush’s response should ensure he doesn’t put his head up again. Your staff’s response should ensure they are sacked. Surely your reputation is more important than trying to cover-up the sins of those I have exposed in the ten organisations!

Yours sincerely

Bruce Francis


This is what it is in response to:

J34’s FOI request:

In respect of Minister Hunt’s statement of 03 March 2017 in respect to the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority investigation into doping at the Essendon Football Club wherein Mr Hunt was advised there is no new or substantive information in the material supplied that would justify a further investigation.

I am requesting a copy of the Department’s advice to Minister Hunt referred to in his statement, together with copies of correspondence (electronic and print) between ASADA and Health officials in preparing and finalising that advice.


Here is the Department’s advice to the Minister released under FOI

Doc 1

Doc 2


This is what he promised;

“I will respectfully consider the material, I won’t try to pre-empt it. I think that’s the right and proper thing for me to do.”

If your are as incensed as J34 (and Bruce Francis) are about the Ministers non deliberation of ‘new information’,
here are Ministro for Sport Greg Hunts details:

Email: [email protected]
Personal website:
Facebook page:
Twitter: @GregHuntMP

His department did not investigate any of the new information. He did nothing.
Please make a noise


Thats bruce’s shortest letter ever.


But it was short and sweet.


cheers is good to hear from Bruce again …what was in those papers?? I am now very curious


there really is no way anyone is going to do anything about these issues it was interesting (unless I missed it ) that they don’t mention they were found not guilty by the Australian based Tribunal & the players didn’t go to Cas WADA did


they just don’t care… that was a very cleverly worded document that would convince anyone that there was evidence??? that the players doped ?? …if you didn’t know the full story




At paragraph 2 in the first document, the department briefed the Minister as follows:
'Consistent with Australia’s anti-doping legislation, the department was not a party to the original ASADA investigation.’

Compare that assertion with the following extract from the transcript of the HIRD V ASADA Federal Court case;

'Mr Young: Ms Andruska, you’ve made a note that the Minister Lundy needs something, and your note says;
Deal with AFL. Support staff sacked. Points off. Players-
Ms Andruska, in your affidavit you refer to attending a meeting in Canberra on 11 January 2013?—Yes.
MR YOUNG: Yes. Now, that as a meeting with the Australian Crime Commission, was it not?—Yes.
And also in attendance was a Mr Richard Eccles from the Department of Regional Australia, Local Government for the Arts and Sport?—Yes.
Yes. Now, Mr Eccles is someone who had a persisting involvement in relation to the investigation that unfolded, was he not?—Yes. ‘

Aurora Andruska, the then ASADA CEO makes it abundantly clear that the Minister and the department were in fact a party to the ASADA investigation. In fact it is obvious that Eccles the senior sports official in the bureaucracy directed the investigation.

It is unconscionable for a government department to attempt to cover its tracks by lying to its minister.


Stabby, hope you out those notes up on twitter for all to see. they are shockers and can detect Godwin’s Script. He is in Health Dept and a regular delegate to WADA meetings.
Some comment on the notes:

First note stated that sporting federations are bound by the UNESCO convention to be Code compliant
. Wrong in fact and law
First note suggests that rights are preserved under Australian law, including AAT and Federal Court
. Fails to mention that AAT rights are time limited. Second note contradicts first note on retention of rights under Australian law, in stating that, with the conclusion of the appeal to the Swiss Federal Tribunal, all legal processes were exhausted for the players.
Leave out the bits:
. No mention of new evidence on Bock
. No mention of ASADA funding WADA appeal.
The conclusion from the tapes that Hird and co Must have known … the aspersions on their character is going too far
The overload on governance - that is not a matter for ASADA. On governance, look homeward ASADA
Overall, the note concentrated on legal wriggle room But what about policy and ASADA integrity.?
The evidence presented in the notes suggests that, at the very least the AFL was using ASADA and a purported deal to let the players off ASADA’s reputation has been trashed by cosying up to the AFL and being used by the AFL to scapegoat people unconnected to any doping offences…
Yet Sharpe signals that ASADA will continue to draw on AFL resources. Seems that, as far as ASADA is concerned no lessons have been learned


Another omission in the note is the failure to address the ASADA CEO performance at Estimates
Including the disquiet of Senators on a cross party basis ; allegations of false and misleading evidence ; failure to respond to questions.
Of course the notes did not address ASADA’s FOI failings which in some cases were overruled by the Information Commissioner.
That’s new/substantive evidence.



From the second note , referring to the tapes:
“…The lack of consideration of or concern for the potential implications for the health and welfare of the players … also appears conspicuous,. “
The reference is to the men who were prepared to fall on their swords to get the players off!
The authors are a disgrace. Is Hunt prepared to back them on the authenticity of their reporting?