Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


I believe so.


I wonder the identity of those overseas witnesses, apart from Clothier. Mc Devitt should be back from Korea by now.
I live in hope that Evans gets called up.


Excellent witness.


The UK Parliamentary Committee report covers a bit of ground on the use of asthma medication in different sports, in particular its performance enhancing effects in cycling for uses other than asthma.
Also some observations on pain killing medications.
It can be accessed through the insidethegames site


I got the meeting outcomes document from the NADO Ad-Hoc working group meeting in Montreal that McDevitt attended, on the boundaries of which he convinced WADA to appeal.

While it would be far more interesting to know what McDevitt got up to outside of the meeting, it does provide a small amount of insight in to the NADO view of CAS at the time, which basically shows them complaining, with no sense of self-awareness, about the very things that skew the system in to their favour;

o It is no longer simple and cost effective. In fact CAS procedures are long and
o The CAS needs to address the structural issue to ensure independence.


Demetriou…where is he in all of this?
Is he home free because he is not on this scene anymore?
Will they eventually get to him or what.


In a nutshell, Jackson is arguing that the AFL and its key executives contravened the general provisions in the Australian Consumer Law that prohibit people from engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct in the course of carrying on business (or in “trade or commerce”, to use the language of the legislation).

In addition to the factual things he’ll need to prove, to win his case there’s a number of threshold issues Jackson is going to have to overcome, one of which is the requirement for the so called ‘representations’ that he wants to impugn to have been made “in trade or commerce”.

The law on this is not as straightforward as it perhaps should be, and the AFL is likely to fight hard on this point (and seek summary judgment against Jackson if it wins that point).

It’s going to be a tough case for Jackson, but there’s obviously merit in his claim, as we know.

He’s lined up some excellent counsel for his case too. Don’t forget that Burnside acted for Hirdy in some of the original proceedings, and was utterly scathing of the way the AFL behaved afterwards.


I smell a rat here: Of course the AFL are happy to let James coach again…


I want to see Demitrou on a skewer with capsicum, pineapple and onion thanks.

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and so say all of us !!


me either but hey if this goes bang it will be nuclear as far as the afl are concerned


Be interesting to get David Galbally’s take on all this as he’s always stated that “you can’t beat City Hall”


Try a fire pit with a bigger skewer.


Does Jackson need an MBA?


What was it that Gil said about revenue from 2013 Finals?


I don’t remember what he said about the revenue, but he said he had to sell a million (?) tickets to the final series.


Vlad had his cronie betting mates likely in on EFC not making finals. You’d love to have known how much was bet on that early on in the season when we were flying.


All that UK carryon about unethical behaviour. After reading that BBC interview with Wiggins, he played within the rules. More likely that the WADA rules and UK system that are unethical. It is disappointing that the Committee did not address WADA deficiencies.


IIRC, there are sworn affidavits by ASADA officials about what Gil and Clothier said on the Federal Court records. If Gil and Clothier get to appear in this case, it could be their word against that of ASADA.