Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


So after all this time the AFL are now threatning to cut ties with Asada why wasn’t this an option when the players were cleared? you ■■■■■■ up AFL.


Finish them NAT RAT



I wouldn’t be surprised if they was a lot of evidence that would have helped clear the players in these documents


Bit late to be fighting for the players privacy now isn’t it?

I hope this puts a few cracks in the dam wall.


Would love for Asada to fold and be exopsed for the shambles of an organaztion they are


That article is pure dope.


As much as I admire Warner’s continued pursuit of the case I just often see really blatant opportunities to really attack the AFL & its statements missed. He quoted Keane is saying “obliged to list all prescription and non-prescription medications taken by them in the previous seven days” but then of course missed the opportunity to point out that Keane was in fact wrong or lying. The players were under no obligation to list anything under the code at that time & the only reason why you would possibly list a substance on your control forms was to help facilitate an exemption for anything that was found in the test. the idea was that if you’ve taken something prescribed by a doctor, tell us now so we can take that into considerations, don’t wait till we find it in your test then claim it was prescribed & exempt. I know its only a minor point but I think the article doesn’t really explain the significance of the control forms & how they were corrupted against the players.


Obliged to declare? I thought it was entirely optional in 2011/12?


But it will show the players couldn’t have possibly got the TB4 from Dank as was alleged.


Give em the Carr brother treatment NatRat!!!


I think it means that AFL would go directly to a WADA-accredited testing authority as an alternative to delegating testing to ASADA. I understand it would be a similar arrangement to that prevailing in the UK, where UKAD does not run the testing regimes , including their frequency.
It would not affect the AFL remaining in the WADA Code, rather that FOI would not apply.
But I don’t understand AFL concerns to keep secret heavily redacted documents which merely list a player’s name and date of the test. The AFLPA is the proper conduit for any issues the players might have.


You got to wonder how close NatRat is to crossing the line if he signed an NDA for his settlement.


Let me interpret. The AFL are saying “if this FOI is allowed, contrary to ASADA’s wishes and arguments, we will dump ASADA and get a private company (perhaps owned by us) to do the drug testing instead. This will give players and the public confidence in the system. Also, we will name and shame the person who gave this decision. We will ruin your life.”


F*ck, this is glorious to watch.




I actually leapt out of my chair and fist pumped just now.


Although Warner could have noted that disclosure was voluntary, that was not the point of his story.
I thought that the article dropped the so-called AFL integrity officer right into it.
The subtext is why is the AFL - and in particular its integrity officer - behaving like a thug in its threats.
The facts will be established in the AAT hearings and hopefully the report will contradict just about everything in his affidavit . The AAT report will be public.
I suspect Warner is holding back for a few more articles.


I just think that we have allowed the AFL to control the narrative from the start. I get that the disclosure was only a minor part of the article but again i believe the failure to disclose was a significant part of the CAS case & the voluntary part was completely glossed over. I’ve spoken to a lot of people outside of blitz & J34 & many have quoted the players lying on their forms as damning evidence. Here was an opportunity to again re-enforce the truth all while pointing out that the AFL’s own integrity officer doesn’t know the truth or is actively lying about it. I think thats a very significant part of the story that was lost at least for now & I just don’t think you can expose the AFL’s lies enough times.


Sounds like they are very, very scared of what these documents will prove.


What did james say…something about when the facts come out…