Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Dunno about anyone else but I find this wording weird. Fitzpatprick was not a player at the time, so why would you word it that way.

(we know it was FC who went running to Big Daddy complaining re we were much bigger)


I had one of those moments yesterday where a few things clicked in to place, and it seems so obvious that I assume I’m just catching up to a well known assumption.

But regarding the tip-off phone call, the focus of did it actually happen was just a distraction. The real question should’ve been when did Evans first get told?

31/01/13 - Demetriou and Gil were briefed by ASADA/ACC
4/02/13 - Evans summons Hird, Read, Robson and Corcoran to his house due to ‘media enquiries about supplement’ where he receives tip off call from Demetriou. (Demetriou later claims he called Evans as they had been talking throughout the day and he was calling him back)

So one conclusion that could be drawn is the whole tip off phone call was staged by Evans/Demetriou to get the others on board with their plan.
Sorry if I’m just playing catch ups here but geez I’d love to know what went on between 31/01/13 and 4/02/13.


So ,could someone let me know how many injections were actually given in relation to the High performance program ? or the tens of thousands just Demetriou and Fitzprick adding Mayo?


Just as McDevitt did, Fitzpatrick is conflating two distinct issues to justify himself. The WADA prohibitions issue should have been left to run its course.
Any carelessness with the players health is another issue over which the AFL did not at that time regulate. The AFL came in late with its subsequent no needles policy. To that extent the AFL failed on its own duty of care to its employees.
Any record of injection use at other clubs? No response to Hawthorn use publicised and lauded by Sam Lane.
How many thousand pain killing Injections? All the AFL did on that score was to make the injections out of public sight


I’m sure he’d be a good chairman, but, he’s got such a good football brain. I don’t like seeing it go to waste. I understand the political reasons the club wouldn’t employ him again in a coaching role. But, IMO, he would outperform any of the assistant coaches we’ve got ATM. Like I said, I understand the politics, but it’s sad that somebody with his skills isn’t even being considered as a potential replacement for the various assistant coaching positions which will probably become vacant over the next year.


Even more astounding that people just nod authoratively in agreement when they know NOTHING,


The brake cable on my bike started to fray the other day. Being an inquisitive kind of bloke I unravelled it and you know what? The individual strands go all the way from one end to the other without a break. Cables are made this way to allow flexibilty and strength and have absolutely nothing to do with cobbling random bits of scrap together.


Actually the staged tip off phone call theory has some merit, because Evans spent the whole weekend prior to the stage managed self report, snooping around WIndy Hill.
You have to wonder whether the Chairman of EFC saw it necessary to inform the other Board members that he was heading down to Windy Hill for the weekend just snoopin’ around, and why it was necessary to snoop.


preferably his own


And the football public lap it up as hard evidence.


the sooner we get those weak yes men out of our club the better


Article in Hun today about Timmy firing back at Fitzprick. Behind paywall


please dont read the herald sun re this kinda garbage. just let it die.


David Evans saw Dr. Reid the Sunday before the famous meeting at Evan’s home on the evening of James Hird’s birthday. Evans told Reid then several days before about the rumours. So who told him? He and Andrew were either throwing bait to the fish to see who might come on board in their scheme and discussing things that others heard and were meant for public consumption.

Perhaps James and Tania Hird overheard things that were meant to be private. The rest is history.


A couple of things stand out to me.

  1. I think the club did stand up to the AFL, but in August realized that “City Hall” held all the power given they could act at their absolute discretion under the Bringing the game into disrepute charge. From that point, we rolled over and conceded. But I dont think it’s fair to say they never tried to fight.

  2. Fitzpatrick has admitted that they couldn’t be certain that the substance was performance enhancing. This alone should be grounds for a review of the debarcle.


Yes it strikes me as a rather strange thing to say or was he skiting?


it wasn’t 10’s of thousands …from memory it wasn’t even 1000


Going on the Federal Court and FOI evidence, the EFC /AFL original deal was that the players would get off in return for throwing a few others under the bus, but Gil could not deliver on the deal.
So, if Fitzpatrick is now saying he thinks from the outset that the players were on the gear, he is guilty of trying to collude in a cover-up. And then his best mate Wylie gets engaged as a mediator.
Time for Kelty to speak out.


I’d break it & make them take me to court!!!


Clothier intervened in the draft ASADA interim report to bump up the numbers - from the Federal Court evidence.