Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


It is one thing to not publicly sledge the AFL, it is another thing to assert that the AFL has been good to us when there is evidence to the opposite.
Tanner should be looking at the inherent power imbalance in the AFL constitution, as a not for profit corporation without true shareholders, which, unlike charities, is heavily corporatised and which has given rise to demonstrable abuses of power. He should also closely examine how conflicts of interest of office bearers are being handled.
Also, from a societal perspective, what is his position on AFL reliance on gambling advertising, gambling sponsors and the way the AFL allocates finals tickets?


Then divide by 34 players, even though 38 signed up to the program, then divide by weeks they were in the program…


Bruce Francis has something to add.


In his column today Michael Warner said:

“In an explosive interview to be aired on Fox Footy’s Open Mike tonight, Fitzpatrick reveals he was told by a rival player that the Bombers had presented that season as though ‘they had done five pre-seasons in one’. ‘And I think that kind of summed it up,’ Fitzpatrick said.”

Someone should tell Fitzpatrick to get his head out of his backside because it is not a hat.

The inept, biased and/or corrupt CAS panel swallowed the same nonsense on the basis that they were told that high performance manager Dean Robinson was tasked with making the Essendon players bigger, stronger and faster.

The CAS panel, the rival player and Fitzpatrick found that Thymosin Beta-4 was responsible for the players presenting as though ‘they had done five pre-seasons in one’.

The circumstantial ‘evidence’/rumour presented at the CAS hearing was that Thymosin Beta-4 became ‘available’ for the first time on 15 May 2012. I know nothing about fitness and strength-building but I should have thought to achieve the results in March claimed by the shameful ‘triumvirate’, administering Thymosin Beta-4 would have started on the first day of pre-season training (19 October 2011) rather than in late May 2012!!!

I should like to hear the Rhodes scholar’s thoughts on that anomaly.

More importantly, I should like to hear why Fitzpatrick thinks he is entitled to give the middle finger to the Supreme Court of Victoria. Now that he has left the AFL surely he doesn’t believe he is beyond the reach of the law. Many people would believe that Fitzpatrick’s comments were construed as an attempt to influence Justice Dixon in his deliberations in the Jackson Taylor case. Some would argue that Fitzpatrick may be in contempt of court.



Fitzpatrick speaks like a great lynch mob leader…

We hung em good we did. Couldn’t prove they done it. But they probably done something to deserve it. Either way, we didn’t like it when they fought back, so they deserved it when we hung em.

Scumbag. Truly.


Mike Fitzpatrick. Still a time-waster.


Fitzpatrick is a farkwit. Of course the players looked like they’d done more weights work than any other club, because they did. Dean Robinson’s ■■■■ pre-season training regimen is why every players hammy blew out half-way through the season. No other club was dumb enough to run such a regimen.


Keep it up Mikey eventually you’ll bring yourself undone.


If that isn’t enough to make you vomit, nothing will.

Lindsay is definitely one of “the boys club.”


Show him the door immediately.


CAS tribunal transcripts - Day 1

The Chair: Can we be clear, because this is a matter that we are interested in, that you are not pinning your submissions to the mast of WEAK [emphasised] links in a chain, you are adopting the strands in a cable or rope.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Young [for WADA]: …WADA’s put forth a considerable number of strands in this rope and the important point is that, from the panel’s perspective, it doesn’t have to find that every single one of those strands is reliable evidence.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


And; Bill Kelty did look after David Evans didn’t he? All at James Hird’s expense.

David has been very well looked after I’m sure.


And some of those injections were legal vitamins.


What? Lindsay is the perfect man for the job.

We all know that. He told us himself.

Well, not us, exactly. He doesn’t talk to us scumbags. He told a business magazine, so it must be true.


Could any of our learned legal BBers comment whether Fitzpatrick could be held to be in contempt?

Well, he is in our contempt, but you know what I mean.


Still trying to identify the “reliable “ evidence, even if some might be factual, tinged with irrelevance to the point of unreliability (e.g. Jobe not remembering whether Dank was at a game in Brisbane)


As reported on the AFL website, Fitzpatrick said “They either did not know what was in it, if they did know, they weren’t going to say”
If “they” are the players, he is inferring they may be liars.
This is a direct contradiction of the conclusions of the ASADA ADRVP, to the effect that the players were duped in its determination of the possibility of taking TB4.
Howard Opie and others on that panel. might like to take this up with Fitzpatrick .
And, to note that CAS explicitly stated that it made no conclusions as to whether the players cheated.
Fitzpatrick is slurring the reputations of the players.


I’m dumbfounded you’re dumfounded.

Have you not learnt anything in the past five years?

(Shortly after your post, the Baguley/Lamb “story”. They’re dumb as shit and they don’t care.)


So spot on.

ASADA Canberra office: Minutes of the Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRVP) meeting - 9am Monday 3 November 2014.

“Based on the information provided the ADRVP concludes that the athletes have been the victims of deception and the panel consider the athletes to have a low level of culpability in these cases.”


Keep talking Fitzpatrick ya flog, all the more contradictions for JT and the team to grill you about!


Did you vote for him?