Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Robbo just played the Fitzpatrick part on 360 - what a pathetic weak effort from Fitzpatrick. What a ■■■■.


I reckon if I watch that interview, I might just put a stubby through the tv!


Sad part is no one has the balls in the club to fkn call him out and go all the way. Jimmy was closest and we kicked him out of the club, and the poor guy tried to end his life. The comments in the ASADA trial, as well as the new interview from that sht cnt fitzy makes my blood boil.
FK you AFL, and double fk you Essendon for not standing by Hird and the players. You let them all down with your weak ■■■ fkn roll over and take it attitude.
Here is a tip dons, without letting anyone know get behind NatRat with a lot of fkn money and power to ensure that he is the one to makes waves that cannot be stopped.
Fk, so fkn mad


Fitzpatrick will be dead one day. I take solace in that. Hate this ■■■■


Gee this club is the most gutless administration.

‘Thanks for bending is over AFL, can we please do it again ASAP’


Yeah, i want Hird back at the club for many reasons. But i agree for his health and sanity he should stay away.
Imagine the AFL if he goes back to the club, sicking their dogs like SWSNBN on him immediately.

Jesus, i would like to see him run for election though. I want our next president to be someone that as Cool runnings put it “Take no ■■■■ offa nobody”


I actually think this is the real untold story of the saga. Over training was the real mistake we made resulting in a massive run of soft tissue injuries - worse in number than GWS’s current debacle. It’s like no media want to run with it as it yells WTF at the accusation that a team got an unfair advantage from PEDs. Someone ought to interview the players and ask about the rodeo clown’s regime during the 2012 preseason. I think Hird and Thompson have acknowledged this error but it got drowned out by the “investigation”.


No and neither did you.

But Paul Little did.


Someone enquirer before whether the NDA was a reciprocal agreement/ if so Fitzpatrick with his big mouth should have left himself wide open to Hirdy and co doing likewise and/or seeking redress.


Fitzpatrick is so out of touch

As if west coast players using Coke and Ice wasn’t performance enhancing

He is such a smug prick


I cannot believe what Fitzpatrick is burbling on about. Making up stuff on the run. FFS!


Legal minds as I know little in this area:Can any of what he said tonight be used by JT and his team?


It is a bizarre interview, and I cannot work why he is doing it.

So full of ■■■■■, and his comments are embarrassing.


Hope there’s jail time coming up for you Fitzpatrick! Sucking up to the public to try and justify your actions won’t do you no good in a courtroom.


Knowing our luck, he’d probably get Middleton as a judge:

Fitzpatrick: “I can’t recall saying any of that stuff.”

Middleton: “Truthful witness. Case dismissed.”


I didn’t vote for Paul either & regardless, that doesn’t exactly preclude him from being an AFL appointee now does it?


Blokes like that NEVER go to jail. Money talks, and he has plenty


They ran with that story in the second half of that season. It was widely reported.


What a week prick Tanner is, like him or hate him Jeff Kennett has balls. We need people like him at the club not kiss ■■■ AFL servants.

This is the very problem with club. The very core is soft, and it has a way to filter right through to game performance. The club was ■■■■ week through the saga, and is still ■■■■ week now.

I honestly feel until something is done, the saga is blown open, our club will be irrelevant. The EFC are nothing but a week empty shell, full of AFL ■■■■ Kissers.


Trying to get inside his head, he may be spruiking the line of reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing and that in order to protect the brand, the AFL had to act promptly to exert its powers of anti-doping cooperation with ASADA ( on which the Federal Court did not rule as the case was against the ASADA CEO) together with the power of exclusion from finals, fines, bringing the game into disrepute, even if there was collateral damage. He could also point to the support of the majority of clubs in regard to assertions of reasonableness of actions. And, Tanner is now lending support. Did Tanner consult the Board before making that statement?
If Fitzpatrick has not mentioned the H word a non-disparagement clause may not be applicable.
He may however be seeking to provoke Hird to let fly.
While we may be seeing it as giving a rogue enough rope, others may see it differently.