Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Another article? Christ man, what is happening?

Somebody please tell me to sit tight and be confident.


come back stew!


I’d like to hear his view on the following -

  1. why did the AFL want to pin responsibility on to Hird & Thompson rather than up the management chain of Dank->Robinson->Hamilton->Robson? what did they seek to gain from this?
  2. why hasn’t some good investigative journalist been able to uncover evidence as to what type of thymosin it was? Surely there is a paper trail leading from the supplier to Dank or his Medical Rejuvenation clinic?


I’m just glad for someone to put the screws on Dank for a change. As far as I’m concerned, the entire thing was mostly a one man operation and Hird and Bomba got sold up the river.


Crameri was part of the Essendon squad in the 2012 season before being traded to the Western Bulldogs.

He doesn’t believe he took a banned substance, but after almost two years of stress resulting from the supplements saga, the offer made by ASADA and the AFL in January of an eight-week ban for a guilty plea was tough to resist.

But his mother Mandy, a 59-year-old former schoolteacher from the Victorian country town of Maryborough, was having none of it.
Amanda Crameri with her son Joe speaks about the impact on her family after her other son Stewart Crameri was caught up in the Essendon supplements saga.

“We talked about it as a family,” she told The Australian.

“I kept coming back and saying no, you can’t take a deal, you have got to keep pushing through.

“If you take a deal you will pull everyone down with you. You have got to keep hoping that the truth will eventually come out.”
Mrs Crameri said her son had brought home the consent form he signed in 2012 and they had researched the substances online and checked their status on the WADA website.

She says their belief then and now is the Thymosin administered by Mr Dank was a natural supplement also known as Thymomodulin.

…Just in case anyone forgot.


The sudden glut of articles and shows (all on FuxFooty btw) re hashing this thing is getting really fkn suspicious eh?

So so soooo hoping its because the culprits are severely sweating over JT’s search for the truth.


So much respect for Crameri. Refused to take a deal because it would compromise everyone else.


just throwing it out there, president gordon’s a midget.


Can someone please tell me what is happening? I can’t work it out and my brain is hurting! Again!
My only thought is that the AFL has been warned that to limit the extent of discovery available to Jackson Taylor they need to soften public opinion. Then it won’t be in the public interest.
Is my paranoia showing?


I understand your point but I think you missed mine.

Obviously at the time they believed they were given what they were told but I’m wondering about now.
Do they think they got TB4? PEDS? mystery PEDs?
Do think it’s something else?

I have a theory that Dank gave them Saline and pocketed all the money for the supplements hence there is no receipts for anything.

So it’s a genuine question. Now that you have some info and potentially could have done your own research, what do you actually think was in your supplements.


No, it’s not paranoia.
Fitzpatrick, Evans, various other garbage, rko outta nowhere…

Something’s happening.

Edit: Forgot Tanner. In isolation that was just disappointing, but in context?


Would love you to just ask him does he think we were stitched up.

Was there any justice in the CAS finding after the AFLs tribunal found not enough evidence to prove squat, … but mainly, and especially, … why does he think the AFL approved us employing Dank, immediately after he’d been sacked by their very own franchise club for the exact shenanigans he’s accused of playing at EFC? Shenanigans that led to the ONLY actually proven use of PEDs? And why has nothing really been said, or action taken over Bocks conviction?

If you want more, let me know, … that lots just for starters.


He knows the answers. Doubt he will say anything definitive. He’s not stupid

Big brother is watching


Ask Chip, will he keep trying to get info out of: Evans, Robson, Hamilton, Weapon? How do they respond when approached?


Mandy and Stewart both moral, strong and sincere people. Hope life is better for you all now.



Please ask him why he or any good investigative journalist has not published the real facts behind the Saga, as not only revealed here but as meticulously detailed by Bruce Francis.


I’m seriously getting my hopes up. And that’s dangerous.


I would like to know why NO journalist asked or investigated why the AFL cleared Dean Robinson and Stephen Dank to work at the Essendon Football Club, knowing full well, they had dabbled in supplements banned by WADA while working at the Gold Coast Suns?


Intensively reviewed in Chip’s book, eg see pp122-124 (in my 1st ed). In brief, paper trail, such as it is, is confused.


I understand it was a confused paper trail back then, but IF it was purchased from a registered supplier the actual invoice is filed somewhere which is accessible. I’m surprised it hasn’t turned up which adds weight to the theory he bought stuff from elsewhere.