Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Interesting that Senator Kitching is involved with ministerial email leaks re Dutton. She was a staunch supporter of an enquiry into the saga treatment of the 34.


from what I’m hearing he basically said that if you dont let the au pair in I’m pulling my families donations.

Similar to…if you dont take the blame we will deregister your football team

he’s a ■■■■…actually hes not because they are useful he is not

I hope his world starts to fall apart…low life piece of ■■■■


In raising the question of contact with the Foreign Minister, Kitching and Co would have in mind Bishop’s expenses claims for attending at least one of Gil’s Peninsula polo events ( which she said involved foreign affairs lite duties).
While Gil denied involvement, Donnelly was smart enough to see the trap and referred to soft power diplomacy involvement in a sport context.


Reportedly, the French au pair is involved in grooming polo ponies, including at polo events on previous visits to Australia. And yet Gil never ran into her!


Surely Gill payed them out of his own pocket then, right?


They would have acted pro bono.

If they knew what was good for them, that is.


Did he answer every question with “I don’t recall”, then get praised for it afterwards?


I suspect you’re on the right track.


“I would have thought that the lawyers, in protecting themselves from any scrutiny & extracting as much money out of the request as possible, would have requested that Gil pays them out of his own pocket.”

…presupposes a hell of a lot about the power relationship between the AFL and it’s lawyers.


Lawyers do not think it applies to them, but appearing for an individual when you are also acting for his employer is a clear conflict of interest.

The possibility that a Lawyer may need to give advice to the individual that conflicts with the employer is real and something the legal bodies caution against. Doesn’t stop the farking parasites taking money from everyone though.


Not a single person in government or media would have read any of Bruce Francis’ work for literally years.

I know he’s trying to do the right thing, I know there are injustices that should be righted, I know that striving to do that is noble. But him continuing to write like this is literally a complete waste of time because the only people reading it are those who already believe him.


Bruce Francis lost all credibility for me when he said he was bed ridden and could only type for half an hour per day and then he comes out with 300 page theses every fortnight.


I’ve seen Gil’s family referred to as part of the SA squattocracy - excuse my ignorance but wtf is that?


It means they’re inbred high class wankers that sit down to pee.


Well that’s factually incorrect. I heard Warwick Hatfield on RN make reference to Bruce’s letter on Patrick Smith’s appalling article after Hird’s overdose early last year. I know they have an established connection, but still…

And this is as assumption, but given that he’s had an FOI related case before the AAT for some time now, I think it’s reasonable to assume that someone in the relevant government departments would have had to have read something from Bruce.



It is generally used to refer to families who owned large areas of agricultural land. They originally squatted on crown (government) land and ran farms before there was a land title system. When the various state governments did come to sell off the land, the squatters had rights to keep the land at little or no cost. They were necessary for the growing population but it seems like a pretty good deal now. That’s the short version anyway.

Apologise if you were taking the ■■■■!


Also, peculiar to SA, no convict settlers and land grants skewed to better heeled free settlers. And for years there was a rural gerrymander run by Playford.


Yesterday’s letter from Bruce may have helped the senate committee join a few dots.
People may not approve of his style but he has bothered to pursue the cause. He has used his considerable research abilities and still has an appeal pending at the AAT against ASADA & AFL unwillingness to release documents that could prove the players’ innocence. Not only has he done a power of work, he has also forked out for legal action.

I consider it a shame some people feel it necessary to continue to criticise him. They could just do what they reckon others do - ignore him.

I am happy to have someone continue to fight, undertaking tasks I am not capable of and challenging the networking that enables corruption to flourish.


According to an article in the SMH, the Queensland cop reported his intervention to the Queensland police ethics body. This was the subject of a confidential submission to the Senate Inquiry.
Did Gil report his interventions on visas to the AFL Integrity Unit? He stated that he knew the au pair had previously worked for his cousin’s family. If Gil was aware that she had breached a previous visa condition by working for the family, he should not have intervened.


The squattocracy is such a weird mix of lawless chancing and establishment wealth. Getting a little off that topic, this somewhat repetitive link

talks about the McLachlans, Gil’s Spotless Mates (including the Evanses) and Australian power networking.


It is worth remembering that the crown land that was taken over by the settlers, was taken from the indigenous people without treaty or agreement.