Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


You want to play AFL then cop it sweet and sign the contract. That’s the name of the game isn’t it?


And AFL aren’t going to try and pull away from WADA any time soon either.

Government funding directly correlates to larger profits at end of year. Larger profits = bigger bonuses for execs.

That is the only end goal for the AFL in anything they do.


In everything they do or imagine doing.


AFL can never pull away from WADA. Sure it would open the biggest can of worms ever.


Other team sports have across the globe yes?


Some have never signed up. Not aware of any who signed up and then pulled out. Happy to stand corrected.


it is hardly consent though. Being forced to sign away your basic human rights by your employer or you don’t play should be against the law …I wonder why it isn’t??


Pretty sure the AFL could get away with anything they wanted …it must suit their power & control hungry selves to fall in line with the government on this other wise they would be lobbying to get the criteria changed & the ASADA / WADA thing amended…someone must be profiting in some way


We are becoming more and more like the US, meaning similar working conditions which always favour the employer.


While there may be a role for CAS in delivering predictability in arbitration of rules applying to European soccer competition across a number of disparate national jurisdictions, there is no rationale for a CAS role - applying Swiss law - in regard to a purely domestic competition of Australian rules.
It is worth exploring whether the AFL could adhere to the WADA Code, subject to the qualification that Australian substantive and procedural law should apply to arbitration determinations at all stages of the process.
After all, arising from the Seraing/Doyen/ FIFA case ( and the Willemshaven case) there is concern that the the application of Swiss law may not reflect the EU legal system under which most of the sport is conducted.


Started listening to radio national (getting old). Warwick Hatfield is the best sports journalist going around I reckon. Talked about lawyers trying to get Jobe Brownlow back in light of the recent overseas court case. Actually took the time and explained why, was only a short window to explain did well. I was waiting for a negative comment, non came. Just the facts. Good work.


I wonder if Jobe wants lawyers to be working on this or if he’d prefer to just put it behind him.

If it is being worked on it’s certainly very quiet in the press


Who’s paying the lawyers?


He spoke about it for literally about 1 minute. Just one story in the regular sports bit after the news. Not a great amount of detail. I was kinda hoping some of the regular posters in here might know a bit more detail.


Jackson Taylor




Bruce Francis on Stewart Crameri.


Geelong de-listed Stewart Crameri this week, all but ending his AFL career.

He played with three clubs, Essendon, the Western Bulldogs and the Cats, doing his best for all, no matter what distractions were going on around him and he should always be remembered for that.

But the thing he should be most remembered for was that greatest of Australian virtues – sticking by his mates.

Under the most despicable pressure (bullying isn’t exclusive to our parliamentarians) he stuck with his former Essendon team-mates when the Western Bulldogs were pressuring him to plead guilty to taking banned substances in return for a two-week suspension.

Given that he was soon to be declared surplus to requirement at the Bulldogs, some might even have viewed it as blackmail.

Crameri knew and still does, that he, like all 34 of the Essendon players found guilty by the CAS rent-a-verdict crowd, were innocent and he wasn’t about to take any deal that would make him appear guilty.

Nor was he prepared to rat on his former Essendon team-mates.

To me, forget the goals, the disposals, this is what makes Stewart Crameri great and every Essendon fan should acknowledge that.

When those running the game and their lackeys at the Whitten Oval wanted to turn it into Un-Australian football, Crameri proved himself a true Australian.

When Jobe gets his Brownlow back, when the other 32 players are also cleared, they will be indebted to Stewart Crameri, who chose to stand with his mates instead of alongside those who stain themselves and the game with their total disregard for justice and due process, and the welfare of the young men they are entrusted to protect.

Bruce Francis


So good! Keep on fighting Bruce!


totally agree with this …I do remember Jobe hinting that he wasn’t through with the pursuit of justice …cant remember his exact words but it was in his speech about handing back the brownlow …something I personally would not have done, as there was no evidence that he had done anything wrong.


Sorry. That was just a joke. I do not know who is paying the lawyers.