Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


This time around I would hope they have learned a thing or two about their beloved employers.


So what happens if jobe or fletch spilled the beans? The afl get angry and deny everything. They demand their payment back and sue him.
Once one player talks I can see the dam wall breaking. Just need someone with the guts and be strong enough to do it. Surely they could make more money writing a book and maybe suing the afl.


I really would be surprised if any of them care enough now to bother do that.


Lol. I would be surprised if there was even one bloke that wouldn’t still be burning deep down and would love nothing more than to lop some guilty heads and vindicate themselves.


I’d wager that everyone reading this thread knows 100 times more info than them. What do you really expect them to say.

“We don’t really know what we took but trusted the club”.

“The pressure and media was hurtful, intense and often untrue”.

“We don’t think we got a fair hearing”.


Jobe said he would speak out when the time was right. For him, it was the Brownlow as well as the suspension.
And, for some of the older players, their playing careers never recovered from the saga.


Well said


Yes I’m sure members of the Thought Police will be there undercover.


Should it happen that way, you can bet only one of those aspects would be covered by the media.


Yes, that was why I posted it in one of the very first answers in response to Stabby’s asking for suggested questions to ask them:

How repressive were their NDAs? What confidence did they have in their legal team given they were paid by the AFL people who were behind the whole scapegoating? (You can make that sound more diplomatic if you like).


how did things change after Hird left in regards to fighting for their rights? did they even know their rights? what do they think about the fact that to play AFL they had to sign away their common law rights & when did they realise that they were being railroaded & that they were not going to get a fair hearing? also why did they not fight to stop the rules being applied retrospectively to their case (the forms not being compulsory to fill in until years after the fact) & half way through their trial when the whole denovo thing came in why did they not fight the face off the AFL to stop that being applied to them.


Enter NLM


Is NLM still taking the AFL or Essendon to court or has he been paid out?


You are all making a massive assumption that Jobe and Fletch will want to talk about the Saga.

I might be wrong, but I reckon it might be the last [email protected] thing that they will want to talk about.


Except as already mentioned, (twice now), the flyer for the event specifically states that’s what they in the main will be talking about.


Is that ad done by the local footy club or the players?

You don’t think Jobe has spent many many years in dignified near-silence and has spent two recent years hiding out in New York just so he can eventually tell the super secret full story at a sh/tty sportsmans night in Sandringham? Some of you people live in an alternative farking dimension I swear.

They’ll mention it briefly and talk generally about how hard it was and then entertain the crowd with stories about Sheedy. 100%


Exactly the same promo is being run for the other venues.


Cheers. I hadn’t seen those


I just reckon it’s depressing that at an event with two of the modern, if not all time legends of the EFC present, the saga is going to be the topic of discussion, and that people actually want this? Their football careers are not defined by this 3 year period. They are more than that.


It’s hardly depressing if that’s what they want to do, and clearly they do.

Likely to be a very cathartic experience for them and assist in their healing. May very well have been advised to do it by mental health experts.

They’d hardly be needing the pittance this would net them, after all.