Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


To go on tour and make money? Bit of a long bow I reckon.


As I edited, … you think either have any need at all for the modest amount they would make from this??

And do you think they’d put themselves through it for pocket change if they didn’t want to?

If you think they are doing this to make a buck, … you really haven’t thought it through.


Whether they need the money or not isn’t important. It’s a commercial venture.


It seems as if you think that’s some sort of point, …are you stating the bleeding obvious for a reason?


That’s my point. I think, its a commerical venture and not some cathartic voyage coming at the recommendation of a psychologist as you were suggesting. It exists only to fill a demand, people actually wanting to hear more of this ■■■■ from club legends, who I reckon shouldnt be reduced to this sort of pandering, and I reckon that’s a sad thing.


So you actually do think these blokes are in such desperate need for a bit of pocket change that they would put themselves out in Public talking about something that they don’t want to talk about, … that there’s no other way they could make way more money with their time and thereby easily avoid what you think is something that will depress and devastate them, … have I got this right??

As I said, … you haven’t thought this through.


Why are you getting so hysterical? If a club came to you and said hey people are keen to hear you speak for a couple of nights about the saga, want to come down, we will give you 1k per night, who would say no? Couple of nights on the road, have a few beers, talk with fans about yourself and endulge your inner narcicist. It’s not a bad deal at all, and in no way do I begrudge them for a accepting any commerical offer that comes their way. I just think it’s sad that people still want to hear about it, and will actually pay money for it.


Hysterical?? Lol.

Righto then, I’m done here.


Yes, hysterical.


affected by or deriving from wildly uncontrolled emotion.


“What would you recommend doctor? Seeing a psychologist? Exercise? Medication? Meditation?”

“Nope, I recommend a sportsman’s night.”


I’ll bite Alex. This saga has been a massive part of recent Essendon history. Plenty of Blitzers say it is the reason they got here. Surely you have been bagged like me for sticking up for the Dons over the last six years, or even just saying you barrack for them

Fletch’s book (Fletch by Dustin Fletcher- maybe you’re right on the narcissist) starts with his kids getting teased from schoolmates and ends with the ASADA appeal. Jobe says it effectively made him fall out of love with the game. Yet the players have said comparatively little about the saga.

Now we get to hear from EFC royalty directly and on their own terms. Not through some edited Darcy interview or AFL “let’s move on” publication (which it sounds like you could ghost-write). This doesn’t stop Jobe and Fletch having separate nights for their own playing achievements.

Like SMJ said and I mentioned earlier, I am still scared it will fizzle. But am I interested, to the point of paying money? Definitely.


I suggest a bex and a good lie down. All will be revealed on 4 December. Either alex.f.94 and SMJ will be proven right or those of us who believe the saga has defined Jobe’s and Dustin’s careers in the mind of the football public will be right and they will use this as an opportunity to start to get the truth out.




I reckon Jobe will come out in a cooks apron & do a “morning show” type demo on how to make a barista coffee whilst Fletch lounges back on a chair in his typical manner


Good call. And don’t get me wrong, if they decide to go nuclear and call out Vlad etc than nobody will be happier than me. I just can’t see it happening that’s all. But you’re right - time will tell.


With Vegemite toast?


I don’t want to be that guy…what am I saying, of course I ■■■■■■■ do.

“Lets here what actually really happened…”

Count the ways! This is a grammar nazi wet dream. Is this legitimately the promo or some barely disguised massive troll? Blimey!

I wander if they’rell be actual footage as well ore just oredinairy everyday footage?


Go easy, they called Watson a Brownlow medallist and put a u near the end of rumour. It’s not like Tim and Susie spelt their son’s name correctly in the first place.

I get the feeling that I am going to have to wade through protesters when I go to this:
@alex.f.94 with a sign saying “Where have all the good times gone?”;
@bloodychoir chanting “H-E-A-R! What does it spell? HEAR (audiologically not positionally)!”
and @SMJ denouncing fraudulent pseudo-psychology in an RUOK t-shirt and matching pulpit.

Did I miss anyone?


I heard there may be one out east? If so I’ll probably be in the back row, shaking my head disapprovingly


You can choose between the Sandy, Prahran, Ringwood and Sunshine road shows