Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Jobe was captain.
Fletch felt he sgould keep quiet.
He regrets t h at he didn’t speak up.
Hird goes
Bomber takes over


A bit wierd with Bomber
Story just rolls on


They thought they were clear.
Then charged after all
Stanton advised fletch that they’d been banned.
Stanton very distressed.

Fletch subbed off at dreamtime game. Not happy.
Ĺloyd said easyro play injured


Never played at Adelaide oval. Funny guy


Jobe wanted to stay fit in case he returned.
Did the saga end his career early?
Ban opened his eyes to what else he might do
Happy to finish onhis own decision


Happy to come back for the fans.
Fletch couldn’t coach tennis or play local footy
Wanted a beer at halftime but couldnt.
Much laughter.
Groans that he couldn’t even coach kids


Angus Monfrees.
A dozen went to Croatia.
Wanted European summer.
Minfrees and Hibberd.
Not sharpest tools says Jobe.
Though two see a dinghy and try to take off with anchor down and stuff boat
Localguy tries to shoot them for destroying boat.
Good thing media didnt know


One game for Fletch. Collingwood cheer squad taunt Fletch about skinny legs. Lucky legs.


Where he is at now.
Started working for free to learn to make coffee.
Once it became known he’d been there, supporter would make pests of themselves.


Mason is on schoolors
Body not ready
Next year at Essendon.

Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)

Going to sell posters.
1 2 300 bucks






Jobe poster


Now jumpers.
Fletch $500
Jobe $500


Question time


Would you do it again fletch?
Yep or take on Federer


Most influential fletch - sheedy. Was approachable for him. Still like.
Still don’t understand


Do you feel duddedby drugs.
Yes but concern for supporters.
Better now with mosquito

How many dogs called Jobe.
Heaps. laughter


Secret to good coffee.
He fakes it. Laughter
Plenty come to cafe in NY