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Unfortunately this article is written by purple flog so there may be a fair element of exaggeration, but to think our players were suspended for using thymosin, yet this type of stuff is the new frontier.

The Demons forward and his teammates had been required to hold medicine balls under water in a professionally supervised hypoxic session.

The session’s co-ordinator was forced to jump into the pool to rescue Petracca when he struggled to resurface.

Petracca was visibly distressed after the incident.

Hypoxia training deliberately robs the body of oxygen and is increasingly being used by AFL clubs as a training technique.


Sit tight … you know the rest


Now he knows how Dees fans feel.


Have no idea how that pic appeared!

The Semenya decision - I find it strange the CAS ruling only applies to a limited of track events - Surely any advantage from high levels of testesterone would apply to all distances.


What’s this all about then?


As confirmed by the Federal Court, the AFL is a joint employer of the players. Has it checked out the professional competencence of those running this program?


Unlikely; that David Thorpe would be in his 70s.
I don’t think he was the lawyer type.


On the Faster Seamen Ya! controversy (sorry, I’m a child), this seems a pretty rational read. I’ve no runner in the race at this point fyi.

“If you are interested in the truth of this story, beyond DS ideology, this link provides the best summary I’ve read, for the CAS ‘s rationale / logic / reason / science behind the decision to parameterize Caster’s eligibility in the women’s track & field 800m.

Observations of note - The ruling was applicable to the eligibility of intersex athletes in female athletics at major competitions. Caster was confirmed to have XY chromosomes, and to be intersex. It was testified that the presence of the “y” chromosome is the single greatest genetic “advantage” a person can have in athletics. That doesn’t mean that all men outperform all women, but it means that for elite sport discussion, that Y-chromosome, and specifically the SRY gene on it, which directs the formation of testes and the production of Testosterone, is a key criteria on which to separate people into categories. Of the 3 medalists in the 2016 Olympic women’s 800m, all 3 are believed to be intersex. Intersex birth takes place in about 2 of every 10K births.

The female class is the protected division in sport, the male division is the open division. You can disagree with the IAAF’s decision and its rules for protecting women’s sports, but let’s have a discussion around the facts.


It’s pretty much limited to her events as those are the “races that are effected”.

Maybe she could train for the 10km or the marathon.


Perhaps a different David Thorpe???


That’s my conclusion.


stop showing your ignorance of biology … women also produce testosterone via their ovaries it isn’t just a male thing …this is the problem when you have one size fits all …levels that are considered “normal” are just averages they are not hard & fast rules & when you are outside of these random normals it does not make you a cheat it just makes you not fit into the one size fits all category because just like clothes sizes one size does not fit all!!!


I never said cheat.

And my knowledge of biology is just fine thanks.


I know I replied to your post but I was talking to some of the others so sorry if it sounded mean to you x


Your testosterone levels spiked for a moment there…


Oh I shouldn’t laugh, but… I can’t hold… it in :sweat_smile:


Seriously have you thought about doing stand up comedy, 'cos you are very funny.


I’ve given it some thought.




Discussing how many innocent athletes they can string up today?