Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Hunt could pay attention to the deceit in the ASADA FOI Disclosure Log. Government agencies are required to list FOI disclosures on their sites. That is misleading, as ASADA does not list unsuccessful requests and it lists some requests as successful when all it has done in some cases is provide documents that are already publicly available ( such as the WADA prohibited list). An indicator of ASADA’s lack of integrity in its dealings with the public.


If you expect Hunt to address a lack of integrity when dealing with the public then you should petition his government to resign.

I agree that what you’ve said above should happen, but expecting deceit and lack of integrity to even hit the radar of a politician? Don’t hold your breath.

This issue will receive attention from the major parties if, and only if, it becomes popular to do so.


Not holding my breath, but if Hunt invites comment on a National Sports Plan, in which he identifies integrity as the fourth pillar, no harm in putting a few facts to him on the integrity lapses of bodies supposed to be administering integrity in sport ( including his own agency). Submissions to the NSP close on 31 July and can be spread around to interested parties outside the NSP decision makers. It needs an open debate.
The NSP questionnaire is too limited to cover the substantive issues.


Always had my doubts that Hunt would even read Bruce’s letters. How’s he expected to understand them. They’re more than 6 words long and not written in crayon.


IMO, this sounds like an excellent example of the AFL biased media trying to manipulate the valued opinions of the great unwashed. Neither party offered a disclaimer of their respective interests.

What do you think?


Pushing their own agenda. There is no other perspective for them. Its a pointless argument because they will never see that their behaviour, particularly of Hird, is stalking.
And that’s what it is. Following someone down the street, or sitting in their front yard day after day is stalking.


You EVIL. FARKING. ■■■■.


People I will not brake for at a pedestrian crossing has just increased by one.


Jeez that’s horrific by Hutchy



I agree completely with Wimmera’s colourful response. This is a cruel, heartless misrepresentation especially given we now know the impact the pressure had on Hirdy, much of which was media created. Worse still, they are now suggesting that Hird actually wanted them there because they are so important and essential. This is professional blindness at its worst. Scumfeedingweaseldicks like these two occupy the same level of society as drug dealers, people smugglers and weapons dealers.


Keep tuning in to their shows, folks :+1:


I just listened to that piece/show now, didn’t even know it existed and now that I do, can’t believe it does exist, when the reasoning seems to be ‘but Your Honour she was wearing a very short skirt and a skimpy top’ .


When you can’t get your views out through the AFL-controlled media, doorstopping only works for the media, who can goad and selectively quote out of context. Hutchy would be hard pressed to identify a doorstop casting the interviewee in a favourable light.
He is not horrific, just pathetic .


If Hutchison, Barrett, Wilson, Ralph (and by god I hope one of them would be offended being lumped in with the others but I doubt they would) never existed, the game would be better for it.

The idea that this scum tries to put themselves on the same level as people who actually Matter to the game…

If they didn’t have the AFL’s ■■■■ permanently in their throat then maybe, maybe, they might serve some sort of purpose.
But they do.
They’re whores and parasites.

■■■■ them with a rusty pitchfork.


I’m sensing negativity from wim.


I’m sensing restraint. I reckon thats a fraction of the serve Wim & many here would love to dish out to these scumbags.


How to put this delicately?

If Hutchison or Barrett were to die in a car crash or of some kind of strange disease, I’d be more happy than sad.


[quote=“dingus, post:1547, topic:9724, full:true”]
How to put this delicately?

If Hutchison or Barrett were to die in a car crash or of some kind of strange disease, I’d be more happy than sad.


Why can’t we have both?