Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


The ITF appears to be taking a swipe at WADA in the case of Errari, the Italian tennis player who was given a short suspension for accidental ingestion of tetrozole. The ITF report refers to WADA concerns that it was being abused by body builders and to on line anecdotal evidence of use by female body builders.
As with the Sakho higenamine case , I doubt that WADA would appeal.


Howman! How this man can be considered for an INTEGRITY panel is astounding. We should all be outraged.
Trawling through old articles and found this from October 2015:

I know there is a pack to kiss McLachlan’s ■■■■ and say how high when he says jump, but I was unaware that you had all decided to treat WADA and David Howman like a Koala.

You guys know more about defamation than I, but if Howman hasn’t defamed Hird, Thompson and Corcoran with the following comments in the Herald Sun today, I’ll start buying Fairfax papers and watching the ABC:

‘ESSENDON support staff are the ones who should be wearing the blame for the club’s supplements scandal, not the 34 past and present players who are set to face the Court of Arbitration for Sport next month,’ World Anti-Doping Agency boss David Howman says.

Howman, speaking to The Australian, couldn’t directly reference the Essendon case, but likened the support staff to “the team doctors on the Tour (de France)”.

“(The bad guys) are the ones advising or cajoling athletes to break the laws,” Howman said.

“I don’t know who they are in that whole scenario, except it looks pretty obvious that they are members of the support staff.

“I don’t want to name them ­because I don’t know sufficient detail but it is a bit like the team doctors on the Tour (de France) who were pushing the stuff to the teams in such a way that they were the responsible guys, and the guys on the teams were being told ‘you have got to take it to stay on the team’.”’


  1. The Essendon support staff did not cajole the players to break the law.
  2. No Essendon player was told to take (a substance, banned or permitted) to stay on the team.
  3. As we speak, no Essendon player has been found guilty of taking a banned substance
  4. No Essendon support staff person has been found guilty of administering a banned substance to the players.
  5. Andrew Demetriou conditioned the public to expect a guilty finding by regularly inferring the players were guilty during the investigation. Howman is doing the same thing, as did his former president John Fahey.
  6. Howman said “I don’t know sufficient detail, which begs the questions, Why did he defame the support staff and why did he appeal the tribunal decision, particularly as I had explained to him how the AFL / ASADA had been corrupted and therefore no one could rely on the veracity of the evidence collected by ASADA and which was passed onto him.
  7. Surely one of you has the balls to take on Howman!

Bruce Francis



Actually Howman’s line of thinking is correct but he used poor examples - ASADA/WADA should have gone on hard on the officials involved in the supplements program and spared the players - The WADA code is soft on officials/doctors etc.


With Jobe retiring it’s really fired up some fuckwits on social media.

I’m enjoying smacking them down.

Can someone help me locate the information regarding filling out the anti doping forms wrongly and how we ‘lied’ and covered our tracks.

Thanks in advance.


This is from Peter Christie’s essay on the saga. The first bit is what the Doping Control Form used to say and the next bit is how they modified it after the saga.

Is that the info that you wanted?


Awesome thanks.

There was also info, from Bruce Francis I think, that showed when the players were given injections compared to them being tested and how many of them actually filled out the forms ‘incorrectly’. Anyone have that.


Here’s one


It’s a brutal read.



More evidence the @EssendonFC players were dudded by Bruce Francis

Might need a comma in that heading, Bruce. Just a heads up.


No worries. There’s another one where Bruce dissects the Whately interview with Prismall that references that topic as well but the links I found aren’t working anymore.

Does anyone have a copy of that they can share?


I go a bit cautiously with the control form issue. Yes there’s no way they lied, but the campaigners always come back with the allegation that the Club Medical Officer (Reidy) was not informed by any of the players of what substances they took since the end of the 2011 season, as required by the anti doping code.
I haven’t heard whether this was or wasn’t done by every player.


That might be true stander but in the court of public opinion, and in mcdevitts lies to the senate, the lack of filling in of forms was the biggie. And not that we should care what Robbo thinks, but it was in relation to the so called absence of ‘mandatory’ forms (actually recommended rather than mandatory, and only for anything from the prev 7 days) that made him start to say something’s not right.

As well, the players would argue the consent forms did state substances that they might take. As far as they knew they were complete, all substances were legal, and were checked by all who needed to know.

Were they perfect I doubt it, but as has been asked how many clubs have a full listing of their substances? No doubt none


Yep/ and you can be guaranteed the compliance rate in the AFL to list every substance and medication between seasons to the clubs’ doc would be pretty low.


You guys have a thicker skin than me… all this whole Jobe retirement thing has done is make me violently angry again. I’m still too easily triggered by this ■■■■.


ASADA keeping the numbers up. It reports that 13 athletes across nine sports have tested positive for higenamine in supplements (probably only started testing for higenamine after the Sakho fiasco),
ASADA said there is no way an athletes can be certain that any supplement is safe. The IOC has recently declared that supplements do not compensate for poor food choices and inadequate nutrition ( like an athlete does not need dietary supplementation) Pity the poor athlete who takes a bite out of an energy bar. EFC better start testing those lollies .


Bruce Francis is circulating this request for a mass response to Hunt’s dinky integrity unit. Submissions are due 25 August and at the very least, Hunt should understand that plenty of people aren’t happy to scrutinise the athletes but ignore the sport administrators and the sport police. If composing a submission isn’t viable, it is reasonable to cut and paste the numbered points Bruce makes just to fill up their in-box.

Dear xxxx,

This urgent. It is time we all shared in the heavy lifting.

Sports Minister Greg Hunt has failed to give us our Senate inquiry or a Royal Commission. However, he has created a review of Australia’s Sports Integrity Arrangements.

It is essential that as many people as possible email a submission to [email protected]

The key element of the review is: To examine the current national and international sports integrity threat environment and foreseeable challenges.

My concern is that the focus will be on the honesty of the athletes. After our debacle I believe that the focus should be on the dishonesty of ASADA, AFL, WADA and CAS.

Therefore I urge you to focus your submissions on the panel investigating the dishonest officials.

Your submissions can be very short. The main issues to mention are:

  1. The AFL, ASADA  and the government agreed on the result before the investigation started
  2. ASADA broke the law by allowing the government to interfere in the process
  3. ASADA gave AFL officials access to witness statements in defiance of the Act and the AFL decided the players were guilty before charges were even laid
  4. ASADA CEO Ben McDevitt lied to the Senate
  5. ASADA and WADA changed evidence
  6. WADA presented a group case against 34 players rather than a case against each player
  7. AFL and WADA officials publically declared the players guilty before a hearing was decided upon
  8. WADA should not be allowed to appeal a decision of an Australian court or tribunal
  9. CAS changed evidence


The Justice for the 34 Group will be publically releasing a series of videos which Fact Check statements made by ASADA whilst at Senate Estimates in March 2016. We trust these videos will allow you to support our request for a Parliamentary inquiry into Sports Anti-Doping in Australia

Today, video #1 is attached.

Regulation requires regulators to act without fear or favour, not to target. In the Essendon case, ASADA does not appear to have applied a consistent set of regulatory standards which would have allowed athletes to prove their innocence.

This is a most serious matter. It can only be addressed by an open Parliamentary inquiry which allows all parties to be presented, including sporting bodies, athletes and regulators.

It is in the national interest.


Standers that was an AFL rule that was brought in to show that they were going to comply with the WADA code (optics).

The AFL brought in the rule and at no stage did any follow up with any player or club. It has been assumed that NO-ONE from any club complied. Bruce asked and was not told he was wrong on that point.


Wouldn’t you love to get a look at the old records of all the other clubs and expose how inadequate the whole thing has been.


Whats next: Tainted half time Pretzels?

Would hate to be a player, impossible to tell what is banned and what isnt.