Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


all people need to supplement their nutrition with extra vitamins & minerals the myth that all food can supply what you need is just that a myth that was debunked decades ago when soils were found to be so nutrient deficient as to make most food nothing but bulk …people especially athletes need at least 15,000 mgs of vitamin C a day to be healthy all the recommended daily dose does is stop your cells flying apart & your heart bursting which is what happens with scurvy …humans don’t make their own vitamin C animals do & the ones our size make at least 15,000mg a day so you can see why athletes have connective tissue issues etc because vitamin C helps the body make collagen which keeps the cell membranes strong supplements should be safe & it is up to WADA if they want to police it to ensure that they are & to recommend brands that are compliant


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& since other teams players have gotten cancer of one form or another it often makes me wonder what they were on ?? because if it had been one of ours the media & afl would be blaming our supplements program of nothing but common supplements !!!


Episode 4


You have been taken in by the hype of the pharmaceutical companies who tell us their manufactured product is better than natural product. It is a lie and demonstrably so. I have that on expert advice. That’s one reason supplements do not compensate for poor food choices.


That was not bad. One I would listen to regularly If I found the time to do so.

Very Un floggish… It’s the anti Barret & whoever podcast.

Intelligent, unbiased & non sensationalist, … the exact opposite.


The Justice for the 34 Group will be publically releasing a series of videos which Fact Check statements made by ASADA whilst at Senate Estimates in March 2016. We trust these videos will allow you to support our request for a Parliamentary inquiry into Sports Anti-Doping in Australia.

Fact Checking ASADA snippet #2.

Regulation requires regulators to act without fear or favour, not to target. In the Essendon case, ASADA does not appear to have applied a consistent set of regulatory standards which would have allowed athletes to prove their innocence.

This is a most serious matter. It can only be addressed by an open Parliamentary inquiry which allows all parties to be scrutinised, including athletes, sporting bodies and regulators.

It is in the national interest.


LOL Maybe Goddard knew something about those pretzels that no one else did.


I recall being at a function with some elite Australian track and field athletes a few days before an international meet. They were knocking back the beers, explaining that it was carbohydrate loading…


actually I haven’t I have spent the last 3 decades gathering empirical evidence for myself & I eat well I just supplement because I know I could not eat enough food to get the level of nutrients the body needs to be healthy. I am not the one at work getting every flu & cold that comes around in fact I haven’t had a cold in 30 years because I supplement my already healthy diet with optimal levels of nutrients not just the bogus recommended daily dose. I think if I was brainwashed by big pharma I would not take any supplements I would be ill & taking their high priced drugs & getting sicker because that is the grand plan …as for carb loading it is the main cause of lactic acid build up and other problems athletes face the best fuel for you body especially if you are an athlete is fat lots of saturated fat and adequate protein …sugar for fuel is limited & makes you tired fatigued & stressed …but then what would I know I live my talk I don’t just spout theories & myths about nutrition


Petition Update:


AUG 15, 2017 — A response to Sports Minister Greg Hunt’s dinky National Integrity of Sport Unit is due by 25 August, this Friday.

From the Justice for the 34 (J34) perspective, the National Integrity of Sport Unit would be the national equivalent of the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS), with an option to appeal to the CAS. The consultative process does not allow for testimony or open questioning. It is a non-transparent process designed to cover-up the failures of the past.

J34 believe the Hunt proposal is flawed because it does not address the principal problem. That problem is ASADA. ASADA chose to conduct a joint investigation with the AFL, chose to release an interim report, chose not to appeal the AFL Tribunal decision directly but instead accessed the mechanism of a de novo action using WADA to appeal to the CAS.

The imperative of the Essendon case is that ASADA and the ASADA Act of 2006 must be reviewed. The Hunt proposal for a consultative process with a new Tribunal will not permit that. The Hunt proposal is designed to move the regulatory framework on but not address the failure.

A proper regulatory framework can never be established unless regulatory failure is addressed and corrected. We must learn from failure so that it is not repeated.

J34 recommends any review must include:

(i) To codify the common law rights of athletes in the ASADA Act.
(ii) To amend the ASADA Act so athletes have a right of appeal to Australian courts.
(iii) To examine the ASADA Act and its implications for team sports.
(iv) To make ASADA accountable to a Standing Committee of the Parliament.

We trust that you will consider these matters carefully in your submissions. It is essential that as many people as possible email a submission to [email protected] before Friday.

Should you require further information, kindly review any of the Petition Updates at the bottom of the main Petition page, or go to our YouTube channel called Justice for the 34


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B loody is censored? Unaustralian.


Mmm… The Age reporting ourselves &the AFL may find ourselves back in court over the saga - no details thought.

Just bait to make us listen to their podcast.

Which I won’t.

There are still some loose ends to the Essendon supplements saga and we could see some key figures from the Bombers and the AFL back in court after a meeting on September 1.

That’s the whisper in this week’s episode of The Age Real Footy Podcast, but we have plenty more on the agenda as well.


Apparently it is just about NatRat’s ongoing attempts at a $1million settlement.


And; Susan Ley’s tax payer funded overseas holiday after being dumped from the cabinet over travel expenses, could have come at a better time for whom?


Keep digging away NatRat.

If ASADA, the media and the AFL can push editorial on deformed babies and birth defects from the supplement scandal which helped get the players convicted. I don’t see how all of them can now withdraw those remarks and say, “We didn’t mean it quite like that.” What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander! And; all is fair in love and litigation.


I wonder how Nat Rat can be so sure supplements caused his daughter’s problems and not his well publicised alcohol consumption.


Perhaps the post before yours answers your question


Susan Ley being sent to Russia…that should make sure she keeps quiet, LOL


To a gulag in the middle of Siberia hopefully.