Spec/changes Sunday arvo (3.20pm) game against Crows @ Marvel

Initial thoughts;-

Same sort of thoughts as last week;-

OUT: Weideman, Kelly & Menzie
IN: Voss, Baldwin & Hind

Laverde Zerk Baldwin
Redman Ridley McGrath
Martin Hobbs Heppell
Perkins Voss Caldwell
Stringer Langford Snelling

Phillips Parish Merrett

Bench: Durham Hind Guelfi 2MP
SUB: Shiel

Out: Fire Weideman into the Sun, worst 5 game stretch by an Essendon player I can remember. Kelly, too slow.

In: Voss, Hind.


If he plays ok today bring in Tsastas.
We need a small forward with pace so bring in Davey and play Voss.
Out Menzie (too fumbly and fell over before being subbed), give Shiel a full game in the VFL and rest Weed in the VFL.
There will probably be no changes.


2MP at FF. Menzie stays in and all game.
VOSS CHF Langford HFF.



Out: Perkins Kelly
In : Voss Hind

Watched the last half again.
I’m a Weideman sceptic like many.

But he had a decent 3Q. And did a few good things team wise not obvious. Thing is his teammates are trying so hard to help him succeed … Jake, Langford, 2MP, Guelfi are very much encouraging him which is great.

He’s no Cameron, Naughton or a Miocheck
And he stuffed his big chance with that last quarter shot at goal. Shocking I know.

But I see what BDB is trying to do with him and 2MP. He’s a safe gamble, a fill in and if he becomes anything more then bingo. If Voss bangs the door down then on reflection it’s Archie’s spot he should take … imao.

Our true CHF saviour is yet to arrive.


Out - Weed, Shiel and Kelly
In - Voss, Tsatas and Hind (reluctantly)


According to the post match reports Brad went out of his way to praise Weideman, so he won’t be omitted.


Yep this is pretty spot on.

Time to unleash Tsatas. Kelly is far to slow to he anywhere near that crows forward line, need Hind’s pace.

After last night, we will either:

A) Come out and smash the Crows and I mean smash them…

B) Lose another close game. Not in those same circumstances but similarly frustrating.

Considering the fixture next week:

Richmond Vs Sydney (the loser will be officially out of contention, although I reckon they both already probably are)

Western Bulldogs Vs Collingwood (The Dogs ain’t winning that)

St Kilda Vs Melbourne (The Saints ain’t winning that)

Despite the heartbreak of last night, a win next week and we likely shoot back up to 5th. 6th at the very worst.


Unless theres an injury the only change at best he’ll make is likely Shiel in to the 22.


We will find some way to replace a fast player (though not sure we have any left in the seniors) with a slow player, you watch.

I think we’ll stick with Weid as the 2nd ruck rather than bringing Bryan back. Weid is more likely to find some form getting involved on ball. With Jake & Kyle playing forward, we can get by for 30% of game time with 2MP as the only big KP forward.

With all our mids available, caldwell & shiel will spend some time forward which will squeeze menzie out. Snelling & guelfs are our best small pressure forwards.

Hepp’s lack of pace is a problem v crows’ fleet of small forwards. Not sure what matchup will suit him. One of the mids can play HB when needed.

change to the 22 -

In shiel tsatas
out menzie hepp [hepp can be sub]

mcgrath LAV ridley
kelly zerk redman
durham merrett martin
stringer weid perkins
guelf 2MP langford

Flip parish hobbs
shiel caldwell tsatas snelling

sub hepp

edit - rearranged so as not to upset @ivan

The more people question him about Weidman or Shiel, the more likely he is to double down in his decision to keep playing them.

A North supporter at work warned me a few months back that Brad Scott used to have his favorites and would refuse to drop them.

Nek minnit.


It wasn’t as resounding as last week though.

I reckon he’s a decent chance to get dropped.

However unsure who will play second ruck… that could keep him in until Draper is back

Dogs will beat Pies.


I know your thoughts on the Pies, but…

Wishful thinking.

The Dogs won yesterday, yes, but were still trailing a travelling Fremantle side in the last quarter.

The Pies are a different level.

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GC were horrendous. I think the dogs match up well against them.

The beauty of this season is we can keep losing a few and know we are still in it

Crows will be without butts.

Already missing doedee.

Leaves worrell and murray as their KPDs