Spec/changes Sunday arvo (3.20pm) game against Crows @ Marvel

It is a line borrowed from an old Ozzie rock song, by Steve & The Board. The line goes;
“I call my baby hinges,
'Cos she’s something to adore.”

When l say old, l mean mid 1960s.


Not sure you make 4 changes against a side that almost beat Port.

I’d like to see
Out: Weid, Shiel (sub)
In: Tsatas, Voss (with Wright backing up ruck)

Shiel to play VFL for a week. Duz the sub

For the rest of the season.
Play the kids.

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I’m going

McGrath BZT laverde
Redman Ridley hind
Martin Merrett tsatas
Guelfi Voss stringer
Menzie wright Langford
Phillips parish Hobbs
Perkins Davey, Shiel, Caldwell

In. Tsatas,Voss,Davey,Shiel,hind
Out. Heppell( managed better than saying dropped) weed, Snelling,Kelly.

Remember the 2nds have a bye next week

Today Tippa kicked the winning point!


Would he get a game on any AFL side the way he’s playing?

I doubt it, except maybe Essendon.

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We came within a kick of beating the equal top team.
No changes for mine.

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Out: Kelly (omitted), Perkins (rested)
In: Tsatas, Hind
Sub: ADJ

Outs: Weideman and Kelly
Ins: Tstatas and Bryan

I don’t think it’s written in his contract. The feeling might have been that he may improve as a player with security and consistency in his role - something he never had at Melbourne. To achieve that you let him play through some poor form - otherwise we just drop him like Melbourne did and likely get no improvement at all. At some point you need to cut your losses though and realise it hadn’t worked.


Shiel to play VFL until he regains form, and that is going to take longer than a week or two. He should never have been brought back cold like that from a long term injury and without any chance to regain some touch.


Unfortunately, he will no doubt start on the ground. Scott sees things we don’t.

Because they aren’t there.

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If he can’t kick a goal from 20 metres out, he’s not any sort of forward.

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You drop snelling every week
Every week
He played a very good game
His defensive efforts, his clean hands in the wet stood out
He isn’t getting dropped this week


Menzie, Shiel, Durham or Perkins really the only players I think that could be considered for an out or 2. Menzie and Shiel will need a full game, in the 1’s or 2’s. Durham didn’t have much impact, Archie could do with a confidence booster.

Tsatas, Walla, Davey, Hind all played well enough today. Voss good 1st half, Bryan decent.

Ins: NIL
Outs: NIL

Menzie/Shiel sub.

He’s been in our best 4-5 players for the past 6 weeks now. Also thought Snelling and Kelly were solid team contributors last night.


You think Weid shouldn’t be considered as an out?

A real head-scratcher for me is that we haven’t played hind as sub since the Melbourne game when he was really influential as sub.

You want players with speed like hind as sub as they can break the lines when the oppo is tired

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