Spec/changes Sunday arvo (3.20pm) game against Crows @ Marvel

I think he should, but don’t think he will based on what Scott said in the presser. Seems like they are giving him a good crack at the structure.

Donsrule. You must not of watched last night’s game. His first 3 turnovers resulted in 3 goals

I was at the game (taking photos on the boundary line) but am watching the replay tonight. I will keep an eye on him, from the boundary side I thought he played a great game, particularly late when it mattered, he stood up and showed great leadership as he has done every game for the past 5-6 weeks now.

Our next game is at Marvel, so rain is not a factor to consider. Based on his effort last night Snelling stays in, certainly stays in front of Guelfi.


Guelfi has been poor last couple of weeks. Problem with Snelling is he can’t kick further than 25 metres for some reason! But Snell was okay yesterday for sure.


To the detriment of the team.

2MP will rain down a firestorm of goals

He held up his side of the bargain

Weideman should get dropped but won’t

Kelly doesn’t suit our game plan and yes he is way to slow

So I’ll go with what Brad will do no changes

Yup I have a feeling he will be spoken too quietly and will lift for this game next Sunday

Hep?? He’s been consistently in our best few every week


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Sub next week

Im just not as convinced as others the likely replacement in Voss will translate well to AFL level. But look its probably getting to the point it’s worth a try.

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He can bash n crash though which is what we lack from tall forwards

Well exactly. He’s unlikely to be worse than Weed at the moment. He will probably be better.


Yeah look im no expert , but my expectations on Voss in the AFL would be as low or lower than Weideman.

I think in the offseason we should get Himmleberg. He is literally a 2 goal a game forward sitting there for the taking. Has half a dozen hauls of 4 or more goals in a game.(and he hasnt been played as a forward his whole career)

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I like Himmelberg more as a Backman lol

Based on the 2s, Tsatas, Hind and AJD would be on the shortlist, plus Mass due to his body of work. And I think Tippa is far better set up to succeed than he was. But, can’t see many changes. Shiel should play vfl. Guelph is not where he was last year. I don’t think they’ll drop Weed, even though he drives us all nuts.

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We are going to win in a reasonably close one (10-20 points) and you lot will love it.

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