[Spec] on Changes v Hawks 2020 Round 14

Interesting to see what changes will be made for Thursday’s match.

Our defence and midfield held up pretty well last night. Forward line was still a struggle. Hooker straight swap for Francis is the likely option.

Daniher in for Bellchambers? How will Stringer pull up after his first match back.

In: Daniher, Hooker
Out: Bellchambers, Francis.

Got to get the win, haven’t won in our last five matches. Keep the midfield pressure up against a poor Hawthorn midfield who are already missing Isaac Smith and O’Meara, and we should get the job done with our speed and run through the midfield.


Redman is having a stinker, I’d consider dropping him for McKenna if fit. Daniher and Hooker for Bellchambers and Francis would be good.

No changes for mine.


In: begley
Out: mozzie

You know it

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Just read the Redman thread. Consensus is he played a lot better. I’ll need to watch again.


Ham was no good again. Would rather anyone else (McKenna?).

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Need to change the midfield mix, it’s just not getting it done. Would consider giving Mutch or Hibberd a go again, it’s not great but worth trying to see how they perform. Maybe consider JD for stringer

How can anyone say our forwardline struggled? LOL. Went forwards 23 times for 10 goals. What chance does a forwardline have getting that many inside 50’s?


Yep. They were actually pretty decent last night. Looked dangerous when we were able to actually get it in. As opposed to the last 6 weeks when we could get it in and looked terrible each time.


What was the McKenna injury?

I’d go:

In: Hooker, McKenna, Zerk
Out: TBC, Francis, Gleeson

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Just like last week when we had posts all week saying Moz wouldn’t debut

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Out: Tbell and Francis
In: Daniher and Hooker


Connor is undecided where he’ll be next year. I think we should play the players who will be our future and get games into them.


So we supposedly have a list of HBF but we have 2 playing a lock down role and 1 we dropped after playing him out of position for the season to date.

So exactly where do they expect to get our run from? Hooker?

Daniher won’t play are you kidding




Look Daniher right in the eye ( even if climbing a ladder to do it) and ask are you committed to this group?

Any hesitation in his answer tell him to go pack your bags and ■■■■ off


Having said that please play and kick a bag


I agree with others that Joey & Hooker will play (with T-Bell & Francis to come out).

And I’m praying that Mozzie hasn’t hurt himself.

McKenna is an interesting one. If he’s made up his mind to go home at the end of the year, then there’s no point in playing him ahead of say someone like Ham, even though he’s a much better player at this stage.

But if he’s committed to playing out the rest of his contract next year, then it’s a different story altogether. I’m not sure anyone knows where his head is at but we’d wanna get a clearer idea pretty darn soon.

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Gleeson was good. He’s looking like he’s getting back to his old composed self.