[Spec] on Changes v Hawks 2020 Round 14

IN: Daniher, Hooker, McKenna
OUT: TBell, Francis, Clarke

We aren’t playing Clarke on ball, he’s playing HFF/wing for the most part so may as well get McKenna to do that who is better suited. Not that Clarke has been terrible.

B: Saad Hooker Ridley
HB: Gleeson Hurley Redman
C: Ham McGrath Langford
HF: Smith Stewart TIPPA
F: Mosquito Daniher Stringer
R: Draper Shiel Zerrett

B: Parish Snelling McKenna Guelfi


4.40pm on a Thursday afternoon. WTAF is that?

Literally the worst time slot I’ve ever seen.


There will need to be a few changes, 5 day break coming out of Darwin is going to be very tough. I still like the idea of 2 rucks and don’t understand why bell was the one brought in last night.
Phillips is so much more mobile, but not sure you can bring him and joe in together.
Was mozzie ok? He didn’t play much in the 2nd half.

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Mozz did seem to struggle after he laid a big tackle, looked proppy on the boundary. Hopefully nothing

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TBC shouldn’t play. Daniher in for him.

Hooker for Francis.

Maybe McKenna in? Not sure who goes out for him though.

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Almost impossible to do changes at this stage

Is Hooker ready? Its him or BZT for Francis

Is Daniher ever going to play? Him or Phillips/Crauford for TBell

Then with a short break its a matter of who is feeling the pinch and wether we bother with Cutler, Hibberd etc

Would like to see Mutch get a few games between now and end of season, may as well see what he can do and if he breaks again its probably the end anyway


Muscle above the hip, apparently he couldn’t get up up to full speed during the last training session before the Dreamtime game.

meh just hurry up and lose.

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out tbc redman

in: danniher/phillips

Scratch that, Phillips in for TBC (managed, for the rest of his career).

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I believe the children are our are future
Teach them well and let them lead the way.

IN Tex, Davey twins, anyone named Hird, Jake’s fetus…


Out: Tom “Polly” Bellchambers

In: Derp

He was better but he still made some ordinary mistakes particularly early.
But his previous form was horrid

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If we bring in Hooker and Daniher we’ll almost have recreated the insanely efficient 2017 forward line.

Mo22ie plays the Fantasia role, and Stringer is big Green.

(If Mo22ie is injured, Cahill does a pretty good Green impression.)


Yes please.

the structure of the football department is at fault…

you would have players who can play certain roles and no matter if they are playing in the firsts or seconds they should be playing inthat spot and playing to our system

so if a small forward goes out you pick another small forward who plays the same role same system and can slot into the team …

no point in picking conor forward hes not never will be a forward you play where hes been playing for years…

you pick a kid play him back him in and just let him play …

and we wonder why we have no developement

I know Ham didn’t set the world on fire but he’s only just now starting to win his own footy as opposed to the loose ball out on the wing. I reckon we should persist with him - he’s improving.


Give big Tommy a rest & bring in Nick Bryan.

And while we are at it, Harry Jones too.

When you play kids, good things happen,

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