Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


Yeah, I agree he will improve.

I’m a big fan of his and think he’s got a big future but I don’t think a couple of weeks in the VFL will hurt.

He’s not really getting near it at the moment and considering he’s come off a big injury that’s not surprising.

Our biggest concern is how little chemistry our forwards have at the moment and if I were dropping a forward I wouldn’t be going with Baguley due to how much experience he has.


This…it is really do or die

(No pressure) :grin:


11 games in 2017 we kicked over 15 goals. 50%.
2018-19 we’ve only achieved this 9 times. 27%.

Everything else has improved but our fwd line has been cruelled by injury. I don’t think your overrating our list I think we’ve simply not played our best 22 fit for nearly 24 months.




Hawthorn will crowd the corridor and completely disarm us with their system. It’ll be a similar result to how they beat GWS earlier in the year and we will be powerless to stop it. Then it’ll be all over to the Goodbye Woosha thread.


Except Hawthorn is more inconsistent than Essendon in 2019 - They are impotent if a team breaks down their system - We should have a fairly definitive answer by the end of the first quarter.


Yep, force us to the wings and make us over use the ball which will expose our poor foot skills under pressure…nothing surer.


Who isn’t?

With Sheil coming back in couldn’t McG or Parish play Zaka’s role? They’ve got some wheels and can play mainly outside with a bit of inside and don’t mind a goal.


Smith for a miracle return with Stewart to top up the forward line?


LOL, no…


When the score will be something like 1-1


I think we’ll win by somewhere between 30 and 45 points


I have no idea what we’ll bring week to week. But sure, it’s possible the post-Match review thread could be humming with excitement about how good we looked tonight. How there’s lots to like and still room to improve.
There’ll be heaps of love in the Votes thread for soooo many players who missed out on a vote.
The Lid Off vs Lid On threads get bumped with zinger posts.
The Goodbye Woosha? thread will remain a standoff, or digress into a discussion into your favourite tuckshop treat at primary school.

Here’s hoping for a win. And a good one at that. I hate Hawthorn.


Clarkson, the most successful coach of the modern era who would know a mediocre team when he sees one, described his own team as mediocre. If our team is serious about walking the talk and being a good team then they must win. If we lose to them then at least we’ll have irrefutable proof of our mediocrity. IMO this is the do or dont moment for Zaka and Bellcho.


All of the things you mentioned would happen on Bomberblitz even if football didn’t exist.


Wait, have I missed a discussion about the relative merits of the Sunnyboy vs the Razz?


I expected you to be a Frosty Boy fan.


How good was opening up and winning a free one?


Hawthorn know how to shut down teams with their zone defence.

We play the same style as GWS (scores from back half) and hawks were able to restrict them to 5-6 goals! And we all know GWS are a lot better at that game style than us


Hawthorn are very predictable this year too. They’re slow, we can kill them with leg speed. Their win loss ledger almost directly mirrors whether they win the tackle count (out-pressure them) and if you can limit their uncontested marking they turn to ■■■■. We already know they’ll block the corridor. It’s no secret.