Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


And they also know that we know it’s no secret.

So do we have the skill, smarts and nerve to work around or through it?


And we also know that they know that we know it’s no secret… And so on…


indeed - and that’s where it comes down to skill, smarts and nerve.


Glug’s were an acquired taste.


You’ve got your known knowns and your unknown knowns…





Beat me to it !


I agree. I think our list is far more skilled. The Hawks are hanging their hat on the GWS win, which is fine, but aside from that their wins have been close games against rubbish teams and they’ve lost to some very average teams too. I will be very disappointed if we drop this game.



And then rd1 2017…


And before Sunnyboys, there were ‘Lovely Orange Jubblys.’


I was more of a zooper dooper guy…


That is hardly a surprise considering how many times we had to change the forward set up.


Bellcho vs Ceglar ? Even down on form as he is, Bellcho should win for hitouts to advantage. I am not saying he will. I certainly hope so.


Sky bomber


Hawthorn’s results: WLWLLWLWLWL - now that’s a roller-coaster.

Hawthorn is a mid-tier team and we simply can’t afford to lose to another mid-tier team, we must hand them their second two losses in a row otherwise it is almost certainly season over (I’m a half full glass guy!).


And how inexperienced the fwd group has been

Hopefully this is the week we return to close to that which had us firing in latter half of 2018 which was:

HF: Fantasia Brown TIPPA
F: Baguley Smack Stringer


Oh, it’s done if we lose to these blonks.
Just beat the ■■■■■ !


Essendon’s results: LLWWWLLLWLW - now that’s a roller-coaster.
Essendon is a mid-tier team and we simply can’t afford to lose to another mid-tier team.

(whoreforn, probably)


I don’t really care who they select as long as Essington doesn’t turn up to play on Friday night.


Anyone gone to watch today’s training session?