Speculation as we head to the filth

Can’t see this thread yet, so I’ll start it.

No changes for mine*

*Some way of getting Francis into this side must be found

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Not sure we can play all of Ambrose, Hurley, Hooker and Dea. Would love to see a rebounding interceptor like Ridley or Francis in there somewhere especially against the Pies. I’d take out Ambrose but barring injury I’d imagine we will go in unchanged


In Francis
Out: Dea

Emg: Dea, Ridley, Clarke

I’m thinking the same thing. Collingwood run with Cox as the big man and 5 small/mid types. We’ve definitely got the players to match them though with Francis and Ridley in the 2’s.

They should extend the interchange bench to 6!

Would love to see Francis come in, but if also love us to go horses for courses.

We came in yesterday with a plan to beat Brown with Hooker and Ambrose and it worked. Now we have to stop Yankee Doodle from kicking five and we should pick the team accordingly.

No Treloar and Dunn for them helps us, and Baguley playing forward now will avoid them exploiting him in defence which helped them set up in a big way on Anzac Day.

Pies have lost Dunn and Reid/Moore still not fit.
They’ve literally got no options left for talls. Mihoceck likely to move back leaving them even shorter up front.

Looking wet on Sunday although not diabolical.

So that in mind we definitely can’t go taller.

Francis in for somebody.

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Also had Crocker on bench who goes through fwd line as medium type. And Mayne named on wing although not sure he plays there.

Have to agree not sure our back 6 for this week will suit the Pies. Not sure it suited North either.

Collingwood mate reckons this is a massive game for his team because, aside from Melbourne they haven’t beaten anyone of significance/top 8. I did remind him that Essendon are currently 12th on the ladder and suggested a Collingwood win just reinforces the narrative they’re good at beating teams out of the 8. He countered my point with the valid claim Essendon are 1 of the form teams of the comp and have only fallen to the Tigers in the last 7. During this time The Pies have won 7 in a row. Essendon get them at the good time in that 8 consecutive wins is pretty hard to achieve. Here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:


Bursting the Pies bubble would be very satisfying.

The amount of “flagpies” posts that we’re getting around after they rolled GC and moved into 2nd was ridiculous.

We owe them after a diabolical Anzac Day


Micohcek - Hurley
Cox - Hooker
Stephenson - Saad
Thomas - McKenna
DeGoey - Francis - Maybe Ambrose
Hoskin Elliott - Ridley - would be a better matchup than Ambrose IMO

Im inclined on leaving Dea out.
Francis in and possible Ridley in as well for Ambrose

Francis in for DEA doesn’t exactly make us smaller down back. Ridley probably better suited to the likes of whe. I don’t think it is the week to drop dea. I think we probably need guelfi back this week. Maybe even bags too.


It would be really tough on Dea if he is omitted. He is doing a lot of good work down back




Lets pump these ars-holes


Writing DEA in all caps is weird.

Smaller,more mobile forwardline for the Pies.

No place for Ambrose.

It is. It’s an auto correct thing.

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No change. Dea and Ambrose are absolutely fearless. Neither super talented but provide a strong mix with Hooker/Hurley, McKenna/Saad and BJ.


Is Dunn definitely out?

Commentators for the game seemed to think Pies took him off as a precaution to make sure he’d be right for the next game.