Speculation on changes for FCFC Rd 11

Let em rip boys…

For mine tippa mcniece and zaka need to go back to the magoos, maybe others

Edit - maybe a bit harsh on zaka I am pretty biased

Out: worsfold


No changes for mine


In - Dylan Clarke

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Who comes in for Stringer too??


D. Clarke


Out: Langford, Parish, Redman
In: Baguley, Dea, Z Clark


Out: Shiel, Stringer (injured) Mcniece(omitted)
In: D Clarke, Ridley, Ham.
Brown would come in but sounds like he is injured again. Play Hooker or Ambrose up forward. Start playing the kids.


In D Clarke, Ham, Ridley
Out Shiel, Stringer, McNiece

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Shiel Jake and Mcneice out
Brown Ridley and Clarke in

Francis probably should be dropped as well but we have no one else.

Is Fantasia any chance?

Brown was injured in the VFL

Shiel and Stringer our for Myers and Brown

Not really what I want but what will happen

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Really I didn’t see that - but after 3/4 time they should have put on the lights so it was hard to know what was happening

I’ve got the same sense of doom for this game as last year.

I think they’ll beat us. Possibly could then put pressure on the club to remove the coach.

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If Brown is out to then I would think we have to go Hartley and swing Hooker forward

I’d rather see BZT get a go over Hartley.


Ah ■■■■

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I don’t think BZT has played that well in the VFL this year has he?

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It’s almost at the stage i do hope carlton beat us, just so the club as a whole hit rock bottom and as you say have no other choice but to remove him as head coach.

the only reason there isn’t more heat on him this weekend is scott moving on.
a loss to carlton next week will have the club having no where to hide most likely.

that being said, you all know the in’s will be myers and bags, why fight the inevitable.

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We’ll have a hard working win in line with how most teams have travelled against them this year.

Blitz will still lose their mind.

We will probably call for 4 or 5 players getting dropped and at the same time complain we lack structure and continuity with our football.