Speculation on changes for FCFC Rd 11

There was a comment earlier in the week from Dodoro that he’d be playing VFL and had been told as much. That said, if it is a wet game then a hard contested body wouldn’t hurt.

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Sunday 2 June


Min 9

Max 15

Showers increasing.

Possible rainfall: 2 to 4 mm

Chance of any rain: 80%

BOM is the most credible forecaster we have.

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Do you know what that means?
And Sunday hasn’t even come into range of the bureaus most reliable forecast modelling yet. OCF modelling which is the most accurate ensemble forecast model only operates out to 3 days. Will know more in tonight’s model run. As an example of how much forecasts can flip around, last night’s forecast for Sunday was up to ~15mm of rain.

It will work to our advantage that we played wet weather last week and Carlton didn’t. Fresh in the players minds how ■■■■■■■ difficult it is.

That there is an 80% chance of some rain, and the predicted amount is 2 to 4 mm, which is pretty much what @em2009 said.

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Nope. There’s a 80% of any rain at all (could be as little as 0.01ml to register) and 50% chance of 2ml and half that (25%) of 4ml.


Theres a massive high over the bight. Theres unlikely to be heavy rain associated with a stationary low over Melbourne by Sunday or even a frontal system passing through, just showers and given that, its possible that the forecast showers fail to hit the G at all during the game, but the surface will probably be a bit slippery even so.

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there’s a chance of that high breaking down a bit and allowing a cut off low pressure system to wander north and produce some rain. but it’s not really settled just yet.

Ha Ha, is this really worth arguing about?
If you want to break it down, maybe it is only a 5% chance that there will be 3.25mm and a 1% chance that there will be 3.347mm etc etc., with all the probabilities of all the possible fall totals adding to 80%.
The guts is that the best prediction at this stage is that it will rain (80% likelihood) and the BOM thinks it will be around 2-4mm (like @em2009 said).

Like you said above, the picture will be clearer 2-3 days out.

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yeah nah. that’s not what they’re saying.
high chance of rain, 50:50 chance of 2ml or more. equal chance it’s the barest of passing showers.

You (and em) are simply not interpreting the data in that forecast correctly.

Oh so this is the weather forum now?


Who cares if its wet or dry, just win.

I still doubt snelling will play AFL given he was told would be selected for VFL this week


ok you’ve convinced me.
With a massive high over the bight, I’m bringing sunnies and board shorts.
Do Carlton play well in the heat?

It’s just a horrific game all round

Sunday afternoon. Average weather. We playing like crap. And we playing Carlton.

Attendances are going to be wayyy down

Carlton don’t play well in any conditions.

yep. MCG only predicting 46K and they’re generally pretty accurate. Lots of GA available.

Plenty of ticket giveaways. The G will be 25% full, who the fark scheduled this at the G?

PS . Is this our home game?

Controversial prediction there. Have you been reading the last few posts?


IN Clarkthemid, Snelly

OUT Stringman, kickslikeaShiela