Speculation on changes for tin rattlers 13th July

Goldy purchases GOOGS?


woosh straight up nodded like u do to a coworker/ inebriated family member at christmas just to get them to ■■■■ up.


you seen goldy? always looks like he’s tweaked out.

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This is the least confident I’ve been all season going into a match. We should have been smashed by wc by 80, gws should have been 60 up at 3/4 time and swans also should have put us away. In our last 3 matches we have been witches hats for long periods. North are on fire. We won’t be competitive unless there is a dramatic turn around.
Ridley, Heppell In for me.
Langford and laverde out.
Stringer should start every bounce in centre, then immediately go forward. He is clearance king.

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Stopped reading after 3 lines.
What a load of unadulterated cow excrement.

Fukenal, might as well give my tickets away for Saturday !


Awesome! I’ll have one. Cheers mate!


we should have put sydney away in the first quarter on the balance of play

Pretty sure if we beat them, they would have had a really bad game and we got lucky.





I like that though.

AFL fish bowl in Melbourne can get the better of teams when they are talked up all week.

Nowadays the chat is everywhere

Outs aren’t that bad besides Joe and Bellchambers

North is an opportunity to set some credentials.

Every time we have come up against a form side, with the exception of perhaps Brisbane we have failed to come up with the choccies.

Beat North and I think we really will have some momentum towards September.

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we beat Sydney last weekend who were in form.

the week before was GWS who had won 4 of their last 5 including North.


If we play like we have in the second and third quarters over the past month then north 40+ at $8.50 is the best value you will find all year

Hooker. Forward.


Go on then. Load up.


Did you think we played great football to beat either Sydney or GWS?

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I think we’ve played damage control football for 3qtrs before going for the win in the last. I think this is the way most of the competition is playing at the moment, in response to risk of getting scored against. I think it’s not pretty but it plays to our strengths which include a strong and stingy backline and a fit midfield/half back line that can run games out well and break lines as the game opens up.


we won ugly.

played some good football in patches.

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We’ll play Hooker back again this week until 3/4 and then it’ll depend on where the game is at. If we’re in control then they may leave him there, if it’s in the balance and there to be won and our backline is functioning well then they’ll shift him forward.


This is the way it should be too. Lowers the chance of North breaking away early in the game and making it too hard.

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