Speculation on changes for tin rattlers 13th July

You might have missed it but they’ve been pretty open. Yesterday they said:

“Dyson has an unfused growth plate in his foot, he also has the same in his other side, which he eventually had pinned a few years ago,” club physical performance manager Justin Crow said on Tuesday.

“From time to time that gets sore. He was at the point at the end of last week where that soreness wasn’t at the point where we were prepared to put him into a game.

“We’ve given him a bit of time in the moon boot to see how much that settles this week and we’ll be testing him towards the end of this week to see whether or not he becomes available to play.”


Woosh ain’t the doctor so can hardly expect him to know much more than Dys has a foot issue that they manage.

Coaches aren’t across everything on the medical front nor make decisions on it despite what the AFL had us believe with Hird.


I’m not expecting Worfold to go full medico for us, and I’m happy with what he is happy to say. But as an aside he is a pharmacist so he’d be better than clued up on medical terminology. Reckon he just leaves it to the medicos at the club to deal with it and he’s happy to play dumb.

Heppell/Schrodinger’s foot


Are we up to the point where the 12 year olds start ranting about “why are we picking injured players”, in complete ignorance of the fact that every single player on the list would be managing something by this point in the year?


Medical terms only please.

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I’ll mark you down as a maybe.


Get him in already! Snell, Snell, dummkopf…

Key quotes: John Worsfold

Essendon coach John Worsfold fronted the media at The Hangar on Wednesday ahead of his side’s clash with North Melbourne.

Here are the key quotes…

Dyson Heppell’s availability

"We hope he’ll be ready to go. If it (foot) was really sore, we’d probably rule him out today. If it’s still progressing, we’ll give him another couple of days. We’ll see how it goes today.

“It’s a genetic thing. He had it in his other foot and had it fixed years ago. This one may or may not need intervention.”

Cale Hooker and Michael Hurley’s fitness

"‘Hurls’ should be right. They were just checking things out just to get a feel for where he was at.

“He’s (Hooker) pretty good. He was certainly sore during the game, but it’s not something that’s going to linger. They’re pretty happy they’ll got on top of that.”

North Melbourne’s red-hot form

“There are certainly parts of what they’re doing that are different to when we played them last time. Personnel-wise, they’re very similar. The pressure they’re putting around the contest looks like it’s been a focus for them. I don’t think Cunnington could have been any tougher in the last five weeks. With Ziebell getting more time on the ball, he’s a big, strong player as well. Overall, we’ve seen an increase in their pressure around the contest. They’re in good form, we’re really looking forward to it.”

Zac Clarke’s form

“It wasn’t surprising that his best quarter was his last quarter (last week). He started to get in the groove of the game. It was a great hitout for him. He hasn’t played a lot of footy over the last six weeks and is coming off a year where he didn’t play any AFL, so I’m confident he’ll improve with more game time and give us a good contest.”

David Myers’ situation

“He is up for selection. I talk to Myersy regularly about what the team needs and where he’s at. We weigh all that up and then make a call about whether he’s likely to come in or not.”

What’s pleasing Worsfold the most

“I’m pleased with the fact the guys have stayed focused from round one. We had a bad loss in round one and we were disappointed. We’ve been focused on what we want to work to and we’ve addressed that all the way through. We haven’t changed too much in the last month, we’ve stuck to what we’ve been working on with a focus on getting better at consistently. Consistency of effort has been better than what it has been at periods of the year.”

Will Snelling’s push for an AFL debut

“He was an emergency last week. We certainly discussed what he could bring. We’re blessed at the moment with the guys playing pretty good footy. Langford was out last week before Heppell got withdrawn, and he’s going really well for us.”



Yeah, the pessimism is understandable, and it’s where i tend to live, but jeez we must’ve done something correctly to beat those two teams. Even if you want to say “we turned it on for five minutes”, the other minutes we matched them in the cripple fight that is modern AFL.


By the way GWS knocked North over rather easily in Tassie too. Score flattered

Yeah this is the point which most seem to be missing. It’s how footy is trending by the majority. Less risk, less turnover, safest options even going I50. Control the game for 3/4 qtrs then go for it when it opens up late. It’s actually the perfect way to play for us because our greatest strength is most evident when the field opens up and is less congested.


The Roos are going to be desperate to win this game. Looking at their draw, they’ve got a hell of a run coming. Lose to us and it’ll spiral out of control very quickly.

We will have to be on to win this.

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I look forward to Cuntington and Zeibell getting distracted by going the knuckle and costing them.

We’re gonna win.


I look forward to Hurley taking Ziebell to he cleaners again if he is played forward.

But think his time they will use him in the midfield.

So Heppell didn’t train at all today? Can’t see how he’d play this week.

Sounds a little grim for Hepp. Unfused growth plate in his foot has moved to a point where it’s causing him significant pain and discomfort. Whether the plate can align to a point where he can run, kick sounds doubtful judging by the messaging coming out of the club. No Hepp severely compromises Essendon’s chances of winning