Speculation on changes for tin rattlers 13th July

We lost the marks inside 50…
GWS had us comfortably for scoring shots.

Id say two scrappy games, neither convinced me we are playing good football.

Sounds like you are worried.

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Sometimes with Essendon, when you least expect it or don’t see it coming, BANG they play a blinder of a game where things just clickity click click.

It may be this Saturday.


Nah, if he was pulled out of the game he was no chance of doing the first main session.

They’ll give him a fitness test on thursday/friday. Anything before that is just guessing.


You forgot to answer my question :wink:


Would be very hard without Hepp and of course Bellchambers.


Why? Are we playing a good team?

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Which beggars the question why the fark didn’t they do the both feet

It was 3-4 years ago. That’s a long time he got by without the other foot becoming a problem. They’ll never opt for unnecessary surgery.

Hopefully he makes it through the season, then they can do it.


Thing that might help is that the initial surge after the change of coach could be dying down a little now. Clearly they are not going to be as bad as Good Friday.

Hepp out does really hurt. He has been doing so much in the midfield. If his foot’s not right, and it’s kinda sounding that it isn’t - as much as people can read the tea leaves - our replacements (Langford) just don’t cut the mustard compared to him.


With the pressure that North have been putting up, if Hepp is out i’d be very tempted to get Snelling in. He’s a hard nut that tackles and wins his own ball. The midfield battle will be massive.

Both played like garbage, poor kicking and malaise with GWS carrying it through to next week…

Sydney are playing Carlton this week.

I’m not a beggar, but it beggars belief that it begs the question

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Perhaps the stars are aligning. I understand that Snelling has been making some good impressions at VFL level. :thinking:

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Geez, I thought my question (did Sydney and GWS have a successful month before meeting us?) was a simple one. Apparently not.


Hurley tips bruising contest

Bombers defender Michael Hurley is expecting a bruising encounter against North Melbourne at Marvel Stadium on Saturday.

Essendon and North Melbourne have each won four of their past five games, with the Bombers sitting out of the top eight on percentage and the Kangaroos just one win behind them.

Led by interim coach Rhyce Shaw, intensity at the contest has been the hallmark of the Roos’ game in recent weeks.

“They (North) have been fierce. You see their guys like (Ben) Cunnington and (Jack) Ziebell and even some of their young forwards like (Cameron) Zurhaar being a bit of a bull,” Hurley told SEN 1116 .

“We’re looking forward to what we know will be a physical contest. Hopefully we can match it with them in that space and have them chase us for a while.”

With a long history of fiery clashes between the two sides, the game will have extra meaning when the Bombers run out for charity partner Challenge, supporting children and their families living with cancer or a life-threatening blood disorder.

Following the 10-point victory over Sydney, the Bombers’ recent patch of form has pleased the dual All-Australian defender Hurley, who said the group was finding consistency.

“The last two weeks have been really pleasing. We know when we can get our game on our terms, when it is open and free flowing.

“To win in probably ugly fashion over the past fortnight has been nice and shows the development of the group.”

Highlighting fellow defensive cog Cale Hooker, Hurley joked that he didn’t want to see the utility in the forward line for too long following his impressive performances over the past fortnight.

“I love playing next to him (Hooker) so personally I don’t want to see him down there for too long.

“But in all honesty, it’s been really handy for us to throw him forward. Even against Sydney when he didn’t clunk as many, it’s just the presence he has and the contest that he creates.

“You look up the field and he’s just so commanding and you just want to kick the ball to him, so it’s huge for us that we can throw him forward when we need.”

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Hurley also praised the strength of the club to stay aligned despite perceived criticism of the side’s inconsistencies earlier this year.

“We’re really clear on what we want to achieve. Obviously in this industry there’s going to be speculation from the outside, but we can’t control that.

“You can see that in the last couple of years, we have been building. Last year, and I guess this year, we’ve started slowly which has been disappointing, but we have stayed level and calm and have had our real clear focus on what we want to achieve and how we’re going to go about it.

“Like anything, there’s been some ups and downs but what’s been impressive is our club’s ability to stay level, stay focused and continue to focus on what it looks like for us going forward."

The 29-year-old revealed a complete pre-season campaign was the key to arguably his most consistent season in the red and black to date.

“I’m actually feeling pretty good. I was lucky enough to get through a whole pre-season this year for the first time in four or five years so that has helped a hell of a lot," Hurley said.

“Physically, I’m feeling pretty good and mentally, we’ve found a bit of form which always makes heading into the footy club that little bit easier.

"I guess you can sort of feel the back half of the year is upon us and hopefully exciting times are ahead.”

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Thread needs more gifs of Shiel running rings around their plodders.