Speculation on changes for tin rattlers 13th July

Or Saad blitzing past 3 of their players including leaving Ziebell for dead

Then TIPPA ironing out a chaser via shepherd

As per last year

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Then CHRISSO giving him 50 weeks suspension.

kinda handy having one good leg when u r on crutches.

Needs more Chas Licciardello flat on the ground behind him.

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What do you think that black line he’s running on is…?

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Just got this from AFL members (I’ve got a reserved seat with my Essendon membership) - for anyone who may need to upgrade. Big crowd of mainly Essendon supporters I’m guessing

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Thats a bit rhetorical though isnt it?


Totally irrelevant to the original post, but I’ve been dying to post this gif, and waiting for an appearance by you…



RIP in Peace
Kayne Turner

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Forgive the lid onishness of this ramble but I’ve got to say Im preparing myself for a big slice of shiteloaf this week. They are doing their standard number on me “will we, won’t we, could we, we are kind of ■■■■■ but maybe not that ■■■■■, deep down you know we are ■■■■■, but are we?” run for a bottom eight position and as usual I’m getting a little sucked in. As much as I try to stay ambivalent. I hate to say it but this just has that spectre of a bitterness written all over it. A loss to those dreary, scrapping, rattlers…I’m already dissapointed. Can’t believe they have let us down again. The mediocrity and all…Might go and stick my head in an oven.


You need to get around some Bomber supporters who can haul you out of the bitterness and point you towards a sweet victory.

That you Nino?


I’m trying out a new persona, thoughts?


Whatever you need to protect your many times over broken heart you should do.

Can’t be dissapointed if already foretold the worst in your head.

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We’re gonna win.

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Im dreading this game.

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Are we playing our bogey side in a red hot Richmond or 10th placed North Melbourne? The same team we were up by 12 goals against during the final quarter a couple of months back before a couple of cheap late ones to them made it look a bit more respectable.

Apparently Heppell is tipping the balance between we may win AND absolutely no chance at all. Baffling.

They will have no Shaun Higgins (probably their best midfielder) in this game either so the loss of Heppell won’t be as big as it may have been. Merrett and Shiel gave their midfield a bath last time… and we had no Zaharakis in the Good Friday game either, who is starting to regain some strong form heading into this one.

Said it in a earlier post as well… but the likes of Larkey and Zurhaar aren’t going to kick bags of goals against a defence conceding (on average) 10 goals a game over the last 12 weeks.

It may not be as beautiful as Good Friday but we will be in this game for its entirety.


Its North Melbourne…

I mean I give a proverbial about every Essendon game. But North? Is there a more nothing club in the AFL?

Shinboner spirit. Spare me and pass me a xanax.

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In Myers, Baguley
Out Langford, Laverde

Bet on it.

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