Speculation on changes for tin rattlers 13th July




Sure, I’ll give you the Lions, but GWS had a 4-1 record coming into our game swans 4-2 since our last loss to them, and I’d argue we should have won the Anzac game against an in form Collingwood team if it weren’t for some imaginative umpiring.

Norf is just another team that when we win in a close and at times dour affair, people will just say were pretenders as they’ll prob lose the next 2 after having their colours lowered.


We’re gonna win by so much that if Brad Scott were still coaching his brain would be like angry gout ridden toe, ripe for the punching.

Ps- I thank Garry Lyon for his sacrifice in this demonstration.


Why does everyone say you never know what you will get with the bombers. Seems like everyone knows that the result will be a loss.


I am sitting here in the tuscan villa the fam has rented, trying to figure out how to watch the next 2 games. Any ideas?


Get the next plane.





How are the sauces over there Chris?



they have weekly and monthly passes - need to get the app.

Enjoy Tuscany


It’s clearly a massive game for us and if we win IMO we should play finals. It’s gonna be a massive task though. Personally I’d be shocked if Heppell plays so it’ll be much the same 22 that played Sydney last week.


Astonishing humble brag, deserves a place in the FLOGPOSTING thread. I admire the dedication to the Dons but if I’m in Tuscany I ain’t thinking about footy. That said I don’t have kids either, so…


and won.

which is a significant positive


Yeah I can’t see Heppell being risked.

The hard deck at Marvel is probably the worst ground for it, 6 day break to Adelaide…


Does he rise like the Phoenix?


I suspect Woosh will just back in who played last week even if form down as he is doing with Clarke, also spoke positively about Langford.

Snelling has to be a chance though


With Heppell looking extremely unlikely I reckon just the one change

IN: Hartley
OUT: Brown


I give that a 1% chance of occurring, and I reckon that’s being optimistic.


Im going to get way ahead of myself and predict we might flog em…

When I woke up this morning I could smell it. Change is in the air.

Good Essendon is going to show up on Saturday. Bookmark it.

Another non-rival crushed - review those Norf losers

Ben Brown is not the right match up for Harts


Myers to come in. 30 disposals, 10 clearances and 3 goals.


It is an interesting scenario with Myers

Clarke now playing that defensively accountable role that Myers was supposed to be doing. If Myers was just released as a ball winner like he is at VFL right now would we get a strong output at AFL level

That said we will probably try to just match them with who we’ve got but get on top speed wise.