Speculation on changes for tin rattlers 13th July

With Hepp out i’d be happy for Myers to come in. You can’t argue with his VFL form. Could probably use another mature head around the stoppages too.

I don’t think we can have Clarke, Langford and Myers all in the same team.

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Agree with this

For me it’s not a Myers thing

It’s a too many slower guys thing

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OK. we’re proper screwed now.

Agreed. Langford would go out.

For all North’s supposed bigger player dominance though it’s really just Cunnington (who Clarke will have a role on) and Ziebell.

We can do the job with who we’ve got midfield wise. We also have Stringer to push up to centre bounces as required to ensure they don’t have clear advantage bigger mids wise.

They are beating teams pressure wise across whole ground though not just winning it inside. Hence I’d like to see us improve our fwd pressure in front half. Lav out for Snelling I like to see.


Well, for me it is a Myers thing. He has limitations that really hurt his effectiveness at AFL level.

We are 2-4 with him in the side this year.

We are 6-3 without him in the side.

The protect the kids thing is no longer required. The lads can stand up or fail on their own. In my opinion we can lose 2 more midfielders before we have to go to our “break glass in an emergency” option.

You could pull up similar irrelevant stats for other players too. People did it with Joey last year in a patch when the whole team was under performing.

On this logic Dylan Clarke is our best player because he’s only ever lost one game.

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Dev Smith is 2-5

Ergo he’s terrible

Shallow argument.

We got a lot wrong in the first 2 weeks. After that Myers went reasonably well in the 2 big wins, then went so-so in the 2 very close losses (Pies and Swans) which we should’ve won.

If we had had competent umps, he’d be at 4-2 !

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Fck me it’s like we’re playing WC in Perth or cats in Geelong the way the media are talking down our chances. This is a team that has Jasper - Pittard and Marley fckn Williams in their starting lineup. Fckn spare me. We’re in this up to our necks


Yeah but I think Anderson, Dumont are tough in and under types even though they aren’t as big as Cunnington

We won’t be attending this game so our tickets are up for grabs.

Better for us to go in as underdogs anyway.

Though, apart from the loss to the Saints, have we dropped the ball too badly this year?

Lost to GWS at Spotless, close loss to Pies, loss to Geelong, close loss to Sydney at the SCG (which we should have won anyway), loss to Richmond is a scrubby game at the G, loss to Eagles in Perth.

Are these still available

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Not sure about dropping Langers. Since Lav came in Langers has scored 8 goals to Lav’s 7 despite playing further up the ground. He’s beating Lav in pretty much every statistical category (yeah I know stats aren’t everything).

I think Langers is a more dangerous forward than Lav, and unlike Lav, has form as a genuine mid. Most importantly Langers has kicked clutch goals while Heather is prob a more reliable set shot than Lav.

I find it very interesting on the North Bigfooty board how they think our midfield is soft and weak, hence ridiculous nicknames like “shortsteppell”, when they have Polec running around for them :man_facepalming:t2:

Not only do they have an inferiority complex, they are IQ challenged.
This week may be the week to troll.

theres some girl on twitter who is uncomfortably obsessed with Jasper Pittard. i fear for her well being

It has to be the girl sitting behind us at the Good Friday game.
Annoying high pitched screaming even when he was no where near the ball, and no idea about the state of the game.


When I saw Pittard playing the other day, initially I thought they guy had stood in knee deep mud. Imagine my surprise when I realised the “mud” was, in fact, tattoos.

I think Blitz is too trigger happy with team changes.

Finally we start winning games of footy with Myers, Baguley etc not getting games and now they want Lav gone after 1 bad game, Langford and expect Myers to come back in.

Have we not realised that our youth is taking us forward


Lav has a defender on him. Langford sneaks forward on the transition. Very different roles. We need to keep developing Lav unless his form becomes truly dire.