Speculation on changes for tin rattlers 13th July

Fck me, She must have low self esteem

Why is it more important to develop Lav than Lang?

Just read the Guelfi article - was originally an inside mid.
Just saying…

I saw that too, wildbill keeps saying we are timid in the midfield. rightio.

I don’t think I can go in there anymore.
I quite like a bit of innocent banter, but it’s an absolute cesspit of dregs in there.
I read 5 pages, and hardly any footy talk in there at all.
What a bunch of f*ckwits.

They need a good loss to bring them back down to earth.
I hope we can do it with a slightly patched up side.

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they are still frothing after we destroyed them in their big game. not sure why i bothered to go in there. the crap they talk really ■■■■■■ me off. They dont even talk football, just horrible personal attacks on our players and past coaches. They disgust me the most out of any supporter base. During the saga they were absolutely the worst and they havent let up at all. it will please me to no end if Jakey Stringer has a day out and destroys them.


most punch ons, arrests, arguments, mishaps, etc. ive seen at the footy have been Essendon vs Norf games. absolute feral supporter base with a horrendous case of Hivemind Napoleon complex.


training pics from yesterday - yoga time


one of my first footy memories was when I was at my first handful of games at waverley and a north supporter sitting behind me called me essendon scum and spat a big loogie next to me on the waverley park bench. I just froze and was so scared as to why someone would do that. He is lucky I didnt tell my Dad who was oblivious to what was going on.

I think it’s important to find another genuine medium forward, which Langford is not currently being groomed as.

Houlahan is starting to look pretty good in the VFL. he seems to be improving every week

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i think he should be given a go soon. he is quite an exciting player. he doesnt get much of it but is a great set shot from his opportunities.

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Fark Norf.

They are so desperate for a rivalry with us to have some semblance of relevance in the comp, they should just fk off and fold.

“We’Re ToUgH We’Re PhYsIcAL sHiNbOnEr sPiRiT”

This is the club where Carey went around glassing chicks and rooting teammates wives, the club where Boomer Harvey won a Mazda from a members raffle and drove off with it instead of telling them to do a re-draw. Fantastic shinboner spirit.

Hope Stringer dobs 7 of the most arsey goals and waves at their degenerate cheersquad again to sink their finals run.


I’m not confident about this game but i would love for String to kick a bag and give it to the Norf cheersquad. My lord it would be amazing.


To be fair, if I won something from a work raffle, I’d probably keep it too…

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Especially if you weren’t sure that your employer could pay you in the first place.


was the the Mazda wrapped in a brown paper bag?

Enjoy the Tuscan villa,
Stay off blitz and don’t watch footy for 2 weeks.
And just catch up when you are home.

If you are desperate should still be able to listen to the commentary on the afl site. Maybe even get a 2 week trial version or something for the video stream?

I have a question about the team.

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Great, now we’re going to come out like Langford after a few rounds of puff puff pass

How are we going to withstand their sHiNbOnEr SpIrIt now?