Speculation on changes for tin rattlers 13th July


with a well executed Downward Facing Dog


Ambrose is the perfect matchup for brown unfortunately.

It’s his aerobic fitness that gets him goals more than anything else… runs 15+km a game regularly.

In the absence of Ambrose I would seriously consider sending Mitch Brown to him and playing Hooker up forward.

M Brown can match him in the air and would go with him better than any of our other blokes.


I was thinking geez I hate that club, but that sums it up better.



Lol, missed you by a week.

I just get the score updates on the apps. I find I damage my phone if I watch us via the phone.


No point bringing in Myers or Baguley anymore, look to the future. With Hep out, time for the others to stand uo


If they are seen as better than others and can help win us the game and it progresses us to finals very valid still

If finals weren’t a possibility I’d agree with not having them in consideration but we are 9th


With Woosh talking about Cunnington and Ziebell, why have I got this sick feeling in my gut that Langford or Parish out for Myers is going to happen.


Is it because blitz has panicked about this exact thing every match since Myers was dropped ?


The only actual footy fight I’ve been in was versus North at the grog squad. Some nutter decided to take everyone on at once (physically) and his mate (somewhat reluctantly) followed him into the fray. To hesitate is to lose: I applied the front face lock, dropped to the ground, and he tapped out.

I was surprised how efficient I’d been.


Geez is there anything Boomerang school don’t teach??




IF he didn’t ‘tap out’, what finisher would you have used ?


I don’t think Brown is much of a challenge to him in the air - but that said, Brown is just about the only single person we have to take him on. The alternative is Hooker in close, others further out.


Step over toe hold for mine

PS I can see a rich new vein of discussion starting here.


Camel clutch, every time.


Oh yeah, and lest we forget Alastair Clarkson coward’s punch to break Ian Aitken’s jaw (from behind) then physically hiding behind the goal umpire to escape retribution.


Keep our shape, back the gameplan. As with Riewoldt and Pavlich before him, if Brown wants to chase kicks on the wing - let him. You can’t kick goals from there.


Announce Snelling


Is Hurley out?