Speculation on changes vs Fremantle


You think if we play Myers in the twos we are in any danger of having him poached by other clubs when he is out of contract?


We just take the free agency compensation pick and move on.


Dylan Clarke is just the whipping boy Blitz hasn’t met yet.


i reckon bar one or maybe 3 who might come on and blast him for ■■■■ disposal, i reckon the majority of blitz would rather see D Clarke in and turn the ■■■■■■■ thing over every single time he gets it, and enjoy it more than watching myers.


As we only just lost to a team/ground where we are notoriously bad, these changes seem positive.
Will dropping Myers will seem like penalizing his end game laugh?


Fk this game, im more excited about SMACK back for dreamtime


You watch him play 2’s while Zlarke stays in.

At least @theDJR will get to see him


Should woosha consider Ambrose tag Fyfe as he could follow him everywhere. Did a number on Dangerfield.
Then get to keep Francis in defence.


NO he wouldn’t he’s been quite firm about that. He does not believe in tagging. He doesn’t believe in plan B either.


Fyfe would be making himself captain of his fantasy team this week. Last thing he would be expecting is the glove :boxing_glove: Ambrose following him around making his life a misery.
I’m sure Tyson stenglien tagged in woosha era.


Laverde an interesting possibility.

Baguley Daniher Ham
Tippa Stringer Laverde

Something like that? Might have half a chance of taking a few grabs inside 50?


I reckon he will come in. Can take a mark? YOUR IN


There is no chance Laverde plays 1’s this week


Fanta out.
Smith almost certainly out, depending on specialists opinion ( and they always recommend the knife or extended rest)

Joey the only certain in.

So at least one small needs to come in to the forward line. If not two when Clarke makes way for Joe.
Bags, Begley, Laverde are the only real options, unless you’re willing to punt on Houlahan
Mozzie no tank. Clarke can’t play forward.
Cupboard is bordering drought conditions.


Winning this week could start a roll on.

I havent been this excited about a dockers game at docklands since…well I cant really remember being too excited about a fremantle game. Didn’t we play them in a final once many moons ago?



If he does at least he cant get injured in the reserves.
wouldnt be the worst option.
Might ■■■■ langford off though if he misses out.
But Laverde was pushing for selection pre minor hammy tweak.


87 Dad and I drove down from Launceston, I was 17. Only game we watched live together.


In - Joe, baguley, begley, Clarke

Out - Smith, fantasia, myers, guelfi


He was promised we would never have a plan B. Hates plan Bs apparently.


Injuries are no excuse but Fanta, Brown, Smith would be handy.