Speculation on changes vs Fremantle


You want Zack Clarke to get another game? Seriously


OUT: Learnings
IN: Winnings


Sure I get that, but it is a facetious comment that is made so often, its gaining legs.


WTF was i thinking

Yep, OUT


Ham, Francis & Parish were not the reason we lost. We must stop scape goating players who are young and played only a handful of matches.

The reason we lost: Myers, Clarke, Zaharakis, Stringer, Tippungwuti, Smith.
These senior players should be under the gun. We need to stop blaming young players for the loss… which we have done every game this season.


Don’t mind the idea of Hartley in and Hooker up forward to support Joe.

I keep pondering how we have gone backwards since 2017 even since adding Saad, Stringer, Smith and Shiel.

Maybe Hooker up forward was a huge reason why we made finals in 2017.

Don’t get me wrong, he is great down back but maybe Hartley can do a better job down back than any replacement forward can do for Hooker up there


Don’t discount the possibility that Myers will do a Grigg within the next 2 weeks,
and you’re gonna like it.


Sydney’s younger players were better than our younger players. Blame them.


In Daniher, Hartley, Ridley, Mosquito, Baguley, Long
Out: Clarke, Myers(cannon), Guelfi (managed) Fantasia(Quad) Smith (knee) Ham (ommitted)

B: Saad Hartley Hurley
HB: McKenna Francis Redman
C: Long Ambrose McGrath
HF: Stringer Daniher McDonald-Tipingwuti
F: Baguley Hooker Mosquito
R: Bellchambers Merrett Parish
Int: Heppell Shiel Zaharakis Ridley

Emg: Laverde Langford, Begley,

Ambrose Tag Fyfe follow him everywhere even to the bench replace Myers big body in midfield And Francis replace Ambrose in defence
Hartley to shut down Taberner - and also kick out from defence. Hartley to Replace Hooker in defence
Long Tag #Hill left of field suggestion here. Replaces Ham give him a job to shut down Hill. He has been playing defence in the VFL. WIthout fantasia am a bit worried about Freo’s speed and Ham was not effective last week, they would have been better off playing clarke vs swans given their contested nature of game.
Would ask Shiel to play a bit more outside this week
Ridley replace guelfi as 7th defender.
Mosquito x factor replace fantasia
Baguley replace Smith in forwardline
Daniher in for CLarke


Long is nowhere near it.

Tagging Hill is essential. I’d give Zaharakis the run with role, he actually did an ok job on Sidebottom on Anzac Day (2nd half)


Wasn’t it Guelfi?


Every day for the past 3 weeks I’ve counted down the days until the next match so that we can redeem ourselves and prove that we are a good side.

This will be the last time I do that if we can’t put in a good performance verse Freo.


Both given the job at various stages according to the coaches (from memory). I also like the guelf in those roles - rarely beaten one on one


Yeah me too. We lose this one and i wont be confident going into a game for the rest of the season. We win the next 3 and i’ll be full tilt lid off again.


My concern is does Zaharkis or Guelfii have the speed for the job on Hill?
Zaka doesnt run that fast defesnively.
Think it might be a waste of McGrath to do it.

We have lost speed in the middle with fantasia out.

Maybe Ham is the best for the job, just not sure woosha would trust him after last week.

Long has been ordinary in the VFL. I wouldnt care if he barely touched it but shut Hill down though. and it means our better players Shiel/Zaka/mcGrath can be used offensively.

Us going after Fyfe and Hill…is basically what the opposition do to us every week going after Shiel and Merrett.


Yeah I rekcon Ham would be good as he is super fit.

But honestly, is Woosha gonna tag Hill? He won’t even tag Fyfe!


I’m discounting it. Didn’t Grigg retire because of injury? He hasn’t played at any level all year.


it was guelfi, zaka was no where near sidebottom, but hey why let that stop anyone saying play him on hill.
hill would have an absolute field day if zaka goes anywhere near him.


Lol, myers doing a grigg?

He will probably get another year. Infact i almost guarantee it. And WE WILL LIKE IT


Iknow it’s outside the box and people don’t like that, but maybe now is the time to try Hartley forward/pinch hit in the ruck.

I know people will just say move hooker, but that’s just a bandaid, hooker is not and should not be moved forward full time, so he shouldn’t be moved just for a couple of games.

find out if Hartley can play a different role to the one he is not going to get a gig with again unless severly hit with injuries, so see if he can be played anywhere else before probably delisting him at seasons end.