Speculation on changes vs Fremantle


Yeh but Hooker can forward.
And McKernan is back next week anyway. so likely only a 1 game spell for Hartley if he is called upon.
They should have tried him forward in the VFL.
They have put Francis and Ridley there the past few weeks


but hooker doesn’t fix any side problems, namely that he doesn’t lead to the ball carrier, which allows our dumb players to just bomb it long, which doesn’t work.
he is just a band aid and an easy out and excuse for players to just kick it long for no reason.


Ridley played forward out of necessity though didn’t he? A forward went down in that game so they sent him up to cover. I don’t think it was the senior team experimenting with him in that position.


IN: Daniher, Hartley, D. Clarke, Begley, Baguley

OUT: Z. Clarke, Guelfi, Myers, Fanastia, Smith

Hartley in defence, Hooker forward. Francis to defence (Freo always have a tall forward line).

Last chance for Zaharakis. Another ■■■■ poor performance from him and he can spend the rest of the season in the VFL with Myers


Pretty much exactly the changes i’d want.


Out: Z Clarke



One of the biggest problems we have is we dont know what our best 22 is. And itll be tinkered with until it clicks

Fwiw, id like to see begley and laverde in the side




I seem to recall he absolutely tore us several new ones in the loss in 2017 when we didn’t tag him.
Maybe he missed out on playing in 2018, he wasn’t an issue.



Zac Clarke currently rated 652 in the comp. However, if Zac Clarke does play, can he please do to Freo what Taberner does to us every time we play them?


Freo play double rucks and Lobb is in career best form. He is just ok as a tap ruck but provides a marking target all around the park. There’s a genuine chance Clarke stays in the team this week- unless Bellchambers has his running shoes on.


Who’s their second ruck?

Darcy hasn’t played since round 3.

It’s been Lobb and then tabbener as back up?


that’s the opposite of our coaches problems.
They have a believed best 22 and stick to it uncompromisingly and the worst part is the coach thinks they are tracking nicely.

the problem is the best 22 the coaches have isn’t good enough, and they are incapable of seeing that.


I don’t think that’s true.

He leads up plenty and strong hands means hard to spoil. On top of fact if he getting into wrestle where they have kicked it on his head he can win it/ bring it to ground which we have no one doing at present.

He didn’t kick 40 goals & be top 3 IIRC for contested marks for a fwd from standing in the goal square


Id like to keep learnings and leave out: “same ■■■■, different season”


OUT: Clarke


I agree Hooker actually leads to the ball carrier
Its Daniher/stringer/Zac Clarke who just say kick it on our heads.
Id like to see Stringer lead more.


We know our best 22.

The problem is that it arguably contains Joe, Brown and probably Smack. Oh and definetly Fanta.


but even with those players and probably some that have been missed, you still have myers, zaka and bags who are main stays who don’t improve the side enough to go beyond it’s best finish since they’ve been at the club.

it’s like racing a ferrari with 3 useless tyres, what do you think the end result will be ?