Speculation on changes vs Fremantle


Ok I’ll ask. What’s IDAHOBIT


International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia ( IDAHOBIT )


Thank you sir.




It is coming, our forwards are the wildlings trying to escape the white walkers. Freo’s white walkers will walk all over us.


I really wanted Baguley to be made to earn his spot back with a solid VFL performance first. But now with injuries to Smith & Raz, along with Laverde likely needing at least one game in the VFL on return from injury, it makes sense that Bags comes back in.

Out: Z Clarke, Fantasia, Myers & Smith
In: Daniher, Baguley, Langford & Ridley

B: Ambrose Hooker Saad
HB: McKenna Hurley Redman
C: McGrath Heppell Merrett
HF: Zaharakis Stringer Guelfi
F: Walla Daniher Francis
R: Bellchambers Parish Shiel

I/C: Langford Baguley Ridley Ham

Ham lucky to stay in but with Raz & Smith out, we’ll need some run. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Myers stay in ahead of Langford but if we’re deciding between the two (with whoever we choose likely to spend significant time up forward), it has to be Langford IMO.

Ridley to come back in as the 7th defender, with Parish to take Smith’s spot in the midfield.


Every time I see a photo of Myers at training I just try and count fingers.


With Smith now out as well, revised changes

Begley has had 2 full VFL games now so should be good to go. We need him to be.

Hooker fwd. Francis back (or out for Harts).

OUT: Zlarke, Fantasia, Smith, Myers
IN: Daniher, Baguley, Begley, Langford/Dlarke

Should be able to kick a winning score…

HF: TIPPA Daniher Begley
F: Stringer Hooker Baguley


You just know come Saturday night, sitting in the stands and desperately looking for signs the players are switched on and hungry, that Freo will stifle Essendon’s run and turn the game into a grind (sound familiar?) with multiple entities into the F50 resulting in a low number of goals scored. Fear is, whenever the game turns into a scrap, Essendon resort to bombing it long i50. Unless, players start lowering their eyes and forwards make leads Freo, the second best defensive team in the comp, will be rebounding out of D50 at will. Because I can’t trust this team after years of disappointment, I’m half expecting to walk away from the game demoralised yet AGAIN. Hope not…


Myers is more likely to get a new 4 year deal than he is to be dropped. Sad but true




Woosha is backing our boys to execute his game plan and play the way he wants us to play.

But you know, maybe the way he wants us to play requires such skill and such high player quality that its impossible for us to execute it consistently because there are strategies that opponents, even poor opponents like Sydney and Carlton can easily use to stop us.

Its sure looking that way. If it proves to be true in 2019 as well as 2018 it buys John’s ticket back to WA.


“Oh noes…! He’s falling! I must save him!”


Anything in the fact that Tippa and Saad appear to be the only ones not wearing the Purple Bombers jumper?


Who says we need ruckmen???


“Look Woosh. I can win the hard ball”


Essendons problems were not the midfielders last Friday.

It was our Forwards.


I think we all do and keep getting let down.


Disturbing that Langford still seems to be running away from the ball and towards the interchange bench.