Speculation on changes vs Fremantle


Really want DLarke in this week, let him play around the ball and do what he does best, he can tackle and hunt the ball. He would definitely have more output than Myers did last week


You’re right.

Won’t happen though


Hooker needs to start forward to help out Daniher if he is back in until we get smack and Brown back. We beat geelong and comfortably beat Sydney for inside 50s and clearances but we’re smashed for marks inside 50s in both games. With Hooker down there it takes pressure off Daniher and Stringer. They won’t want to double and triple team Daniher when Hooker is down there as well. Lets back in our mids to get the ball into the forward line more than the opposition. If it means Hartley coming in to replace Hooker down back then so be it. Would also like to see D Clarke given a go ahead of Myers but am not holding my breath.




Agree hooker has to play forward, if he played the full game forward against sydney i think we would have won, another coaching blunder.

If we lose this weekend, i’d be happy to call it season over as far as finals are concerned.


Joey, you have to play this weekend win this and put it in your sock!

Dont let this happen. Please.


Why the fark is Rampe up the post at our training session wearing Essendon socks? Was that enough of a disguise to get him through security? Oh fark don’t look boys and girls as I think he’s humping it again.


Was the first thing I thought of as well.


Wheres the “Wheres the team” thread?


Oh where oh where can it be?


It tells me* that Oliver’s strength is his handballs, Adelaide’s forward-line has been a mess, and that Boak is a friggin’ hack.

*may have been preconceived opinions.


The midfield accumulated a lot of ball, but they just bombed it into the F50 where the Swans defence was able to clear without too much trouble. This lack of connection between the mids and the forwards, esp in the final quarter is what cost us the game.


I’d rather we kick worm burners into forward 50, rather than bomb it in.

Watch the key defenders freakout when they don’t know where the ball is going to bounce.


Smith has been quite poor this year due to injury. Maybe putting him on ice will allow better team coverage around the ground.

You can only hope


I reckon Fyfe playing and not getting suspended may be a positive for us this week.

We are so mentally weak and lack any form of ruthlessness that if he wasn’t playing we would get over confident and take Freo lightly even though they have enough talent without him to beat us.

It would be one of ‘those’ games. Heavy underdog giving us huge grief at Docklands


Doesn’t seem practical.


Besides the fact that Ross Lyon has got Woosha covered for tactical nous every day of the week, I’m concerned that Freo were able to beat GWS comfortably given that GWS play the same style as us.


In: LAV! JoeDan Bags



I would have loved to see this tactic used against the Swans.


Highly talented teams with strong self belief and a reliance on footspeed can come unstuck when playing against teams that are drilled as defensive units ( a typical Ross Lyon outfit ) that then prevent you from getting the ball.
Hawthorn did it to GWS, who play the same way as us. They just choked the living fark out of them around the ball. Thats EXACTLY what Freo will try to do. It doesn’t take a genius like me to figure it out. Every coach at every club knows exactly whats going to happen. The same thing that the bottom team did to us for 3 quarters.

The question is, what is Worsfold planning to do about it ?

My guess is " play the way we want to play" . Sure our midfield is now a good stoppage / centre bounce unit. We get first use more than most teams. But what about “second use”

If this happens and we have failed to “learn” from last week and what Hawthorn did to GWS and don’t come up with a planned response, like playing man on man or whatever a smart coach of a big club can work out, we might as well get the microwaves out on Sunday morning and stick the membership cards in, because we are going nowhere.