Speculation on changes vs Fremantle


You looked just like Clint Eastwood when you said that last bit.


Would you prefer Paxton "season over man, season over "


That’s good too, but I’m content with my Ferris reference.


Or they had no choice but to bomb it because the forwards didn’t get to where they were supposed to be. We probably had the worst forward line of the round, and we only had one forward who performed, Fantasia.


Hah. I just looked at the AFL site “Massive upset brewing at Marvel”
We are $1.40 and Freo $2.90 or something like that and both Brown and Duck have picked Freo.
Duck says . If Freo try to play us at our own game, they will lose, so Freo will go defensive. and will win.

This is an absolute red flag for us. If our coaches and players think Freo will let us play the way we want to play, wtf I just cannot get my head around it if they think that.

Its going to be low scoring, its going to be dour. We probably going to be turned over big time in our back half as we go for the risky centring kicks. Deja vue.


We are gonna roll fremantle. Joe, jake, Walla all multiple goal kickers.

Cant wait.


Exactly right. Chaos ball into where walla is standing is better than sitting it on his head


Nah we are going to spank them.


I’m not sold on the “Freo can play super defensive and win” argument.

It cost them vs West Coast, and it cost them vs Adelaide. Honestly, they want to play that style, all the better for us. Means a single 3-4 goal burst could actually win us the game rather than just look nice when it happens.


So much this


He stitched up Phil Davis, thus has exhausted his 1 good game for the year.

Sooo, c’mon down Travis Colyer.
25 disp made up of 18kicks at 100% eff.
2 goals
Zero fumbles


wow, i’m not a betting man, but even i’m almost willing to put a grand on freo to win.


How on earth are we favourites after losing the last 3 weeks.
Even if we were playing carlton this week I would have us and them @ $1.90


Not one model that Squiggle aggregates predicts a Freo win. Its the farkin KOD.


The answer is that the models and punters aren’t as scarred as Dons fans.

Most models factor margins as the basis of their Elo ratings; I.e. if we’d snuck over the line against the Pies and Swans we’d all be a lot happier but the models wouldn’t rate us much differently.

On our home deck, we should get it done vs a mediocre (but no longer terrible) Freo outfit.


OBrien’s footskills ended up reasonably neat. Just sooooo slow, nowhere to hide him.


Travis Colyer to be BOG with 30 possessions and 4 goals.


And adequately replaced by Langford!!!


And not a fumble in sight.


Can’t believe they think we are favourites, and by that much.