Spencer White

Was he bad or just to injury prone? Showed a bit from what I saw of him…wasnt needed at Stkilda with McCartin and Bruce …Not saying we should grab him but you would think maybe get another gig?

Do girls still wear those?


Do girls still wear those?

Cool name.

Fair enough.

Do you find playing AFL some players just show more? Better players around them and such

There’s probably a handful where this is the case (outside mids and half forwards would probably benefit the most)
Key forwards, unless the ressies are rubbish, not so much. You’re up against someone 10% bigger, stronger, faster and better
That and as I said - D league is miles away from VFL seniors, let alone alone AFL

Do you find playing AFL some players just show more? Better players around them and such


Those reports aren’t flattering.
Development League isn’t exactly the highest level going around; basically TAC cup for 18-20 year olds.

del. unfunny.

It’s odd the 2 games he played last year, he was actually good, but started in the VFL this season and did not get back in.


Didnt he play Afl this season or was that 14? Dunlop, you know more than me…wasnt aware he was playing vfl reserves

No, no, ******’ no.

Anytime you’re in your 3rd season and you spend half the season playing VFL reserves with barely a game in the VFL seniors after May, you’re so far off AFL standard it isn’t funny. When you’re a fit AFL-listed player who has qualified to play VFL finals, and that VFL club says “nah, we’re good” - your career is done.

Sorry foggy, but calling him CJM2 is a serious insult to Courtney Johns.

Tried that in a cafe in Amsterdam once.

Didnt end well.


Might be rookied somewhere. More hype than hope.

Courtney Johns MKII

Ah…looks like Tarzan plays like Jane.

Looks like a stronger version of Edwards.

Was always a boom or bust pick. Big fast and athletic, but very raw, and had many invisible games even at TAC level. Comparisons to Franklin were more based on size, haircut, skin tone, and habit of following up his own crumbs rather than actual on-field production. No idea what he’s done at St K, but it looks like ‘bust’ won.

Looks like a prospect as a 3rd tall forward but the question needs to asked why the saints let him go?

He sounds like a detective from an 80s crime show…

No more saints rejects.