Spoiler Alert

I thought I would issue a spoiler alert because clearly a lot of people havent read the book and have no idea how this season plays out.

This is not one of those stories of redemption. At least not immediately. This season will continue to play out just as the previous 2 months have played. We will show some promise, we will get a glimpse into the future and we will cop some absolutely frightening beatings.

The season will finish the careers of quite a few players who to differing degrees have given their all for the red and black. We will resign some to the history books and others to the punchline of jokes. Either way they are going out there every week and trying to the absolute best of their abilities.

The only hope is that the sequel “Essendon 2016” isnt weighed down in the past and all the key characters gets a fair go. If not then you can expect to be watching the same thing again next year.

Also Snape kills Dumbledore. And the Bruce Willis Character is dead all along.

And Leonardo Di Caprio was dreaming all along. Or he wasn’t.

Blue sky on mars was just the implant. It never happened

Finkle is Einhorn

Michael Jordan and the Looney tunes win the basketball game against the space mutants

The unicorn is Neil Craig.

Steven Dank is James Hird’s father.

Oh my god, I was wrong
It was Earth all along
You’ve finally made a monkeyyyyy
(yes you’ve finally make a monkeyyyyy)
You’ve finally made a monkey out of meeeeeee

I love you Doctor Zaius

Kevin Spacey is Keyzer Soze

Seriously though, I love over the last 8? weeks (from when they were trying to pick a side to compete, putting Jobe/Bellcho etc out there) to now (giving frigging everyone a go and changing everything all the time) is people now saying “WHY THE HELL ARE WE PICKING XXX” ??

Just this morning I reckon I’ve read posts on here that about 19 of the 22 we played yesterday won’t cut it now - or, laughably, ever. So get rid of all of them. Cos we should try all the young guys… and if they’re not insta-brownlow medallists after a month, we should cut them, and draft somebody else in the first round of the August draft??

Bottom line, what I’m saying is, I think AB is right. We miscalculated the list at the end of last year & start of this year. Added to (or perhaps leading to) that, we lost 3-4 high picks which, combined with the paltry results of the GC & GWS entry drafts, have put a fair old hole in our (roughly speaking) 19-22yo stocks. We won’t make headway until we add enough talent in the next couple of drafts to cover what we’ve missed in those past few. We are not bouncing back super quickly from this. And I think the worst thing we could do would be to try - to patch things rather than fix.
That’s why I think the Hird debate is essentially pointless. Next year we might have a list which could win 6 or even 10. That won’t be enough for a lot of people purely on W/L. Much more important is getting the style of play and the shape (age profile) of the side right.

Soylent Green is people.

everybody dies.


He throws an air tank into the sharks mouth, then shoots the tank.


He throws an air tank into the sharks mouth, then shoots the tank.


AAaaHHHH thats why there are no Jaws shark sequels and they had to use the leftover teeth coated with alfoil in that guy
in that 007 movie that tried to bite James (hird) Bond…

Rocky wins

Neil Balm(e) was used on the players sore arses

Simba comes back and fights for pride rock… He wins