Sports Photographer PSA

Hi guys, if you’ve tuned in to the EFC training forums in the Dustin Fletcher Hangar (or follow me on Instagram @karmabomber) you’ll know that I’ve recently had a bit of spare time to ensure we’re all kept up to date with the boys pre and post season via my photography.

I’m looking to expand my services to other sports/events/clubs within inner Melbourne, yet lack a bit of networking skills in terms of people I could get in contact with.

Just putting out a PSA in case anyone is able to help me contact any club networks you may be affiliated with and could be interested in servicing me out for matches/seasons.

To the mods - apologies if this isn’t the right forum for this message, will delete and repost appropriately if required.

Cheers! David



Might try contacting some local leagues? I know most decent park footy clubs have a designated photographer, put photos up on facebook etc post match.
Don’t know how much (if anything) they pay.