Spring Carnival


Start loading up on them and it becomes way more exciting.


Probably because NZ never produces good horses like Australia does.

Just kidding.


lol. Diva’s third Cup very nearly made me cry.
But I’ve had an interest in horse races since I was about 7.
Manikato, Kingston Town, Dulcify.


Dulcify was the big one for me.

The day he died, my old man’s mate said he was no chance to beat Hyperno. I pointed out that itwas Hyperno who trod on his leg, breaking it.

I haven’t really followed the nags for 25-30 years though.


Still hurts.


I’ve had horses all my life- some cope better with long haul travel than others. Air travel can cause great anxiety- especially take off & landing. “Shipping fever” is also a risk (see below) - so I guess I just feel she doesn’t need to be put through all of that. I’d love to see her retire soon & have the chance to be a mum in her prime…
“The main concern is [shipping fever] statistically, one in six will suffer from this form of pneumonia on a long-haul flight. The infection, which starts in the windpipe and spreads to the lungs due to the horse not being able to do postural drainage with his head up, is exacerbated by the bacteria in the faeces in a confined space, the warmth of the stall and limited airflow.”


It’s cringeworthy watching macevany wax lyrical about winx. Just imagine the state he’d be in if winx was ridden by dusty. Its a farking racehorse ffs. It runs. It wins. Its bogan owners make a shi tload of money. Good for them but the carryon is ridiculous.


They’re magnificent animals who weigh in at around half a tonne. They don’t have to do anything we ask of them - you can’t physically make them- but if trained correctly they’ll try their best in whatever field of equine sport they’re asked to undertake. Winx is an elite athlete to be admired like any other.
FYI a fair share of her winnings has been donated to charity - drought, cancer research to name a couple - so bogan is not really a correct label for her owners.


Nup, same here.

Partly I don’t trust that anything in horse racing is straight.

Mostly that if you couldn’t bet on it, there’s be about 4 people there.


Tell you who is excited


I’m not into racing either - agree that where so much money is involved the worst side of human nature can thrive- but I do admire the horses & love watching the champions win.


Pretty sacred, that sword.


I don’t understand why they still can’t sew the big “W” for Winx the right way up on the jockey’s silks.


Generous bogans then. I dont think you know what a bogan is tbh. They’d be proud of the moniker.


I doubt they would.





  1. an uncouth or unsophisticated person regarded as being of low social status.


So my dream of world championship racing, with races held over 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 2000, 2400 and 3200m at four events in Australia, Japan, the USA and England will never, ever happen.



Sadly no. Apart from the travel, the change in seasons would be prohibitive.

Nothing to do with your idea but ■■■■ I hate American race callers.


…and it’s SeaBiscuit.

Bringing back memories of Ray Walston in The Sting. Different film, I know, but that peculiar style is nothing like ours.


The owners arent exactly bogans…the lady who owns part of winx is an Inghams…you know the ones who provides chickens and whos dad Bob and uncle jack raced Lohnro and octaganol…

Its not like they are short of a dollar…18 horses they own and you dont shell out $270000 for a yearling everyday of the week!

Family has owned 8 yes 8 golden slipper winners!


I’m not majorly into horse racing, but she’s a very nice looking animal - took these pics at Altona this morning :slight_smile: