St Essington's Day

I haven't seen the footage but I believe J Laverde is a contender for the St Essington Moment of the Year award for a dribble attempt at goal in the 1st quarter.

It was a fair attempt.

srs? He had more than a couple of metres separation and could have easily taken 1 if not 3/4 steps to straighten and kick an easy drop punt (or end over end dribble)

I think doza meant it was a fair attempt for the St Essington Moment of the Year award.


So how does it work this year?


I guess an embarrassing “NLM in the ruck” style loss in the first week of the finals will be our only hope this season.


It also goes by the name “Mad Monday”


Looks like it won’t occur this year!


There’s still time.


Still ‘Mathematically Possible’ you mean.


I do.

Hence I haven’t cancelled my booking at the costume store of a droopy sash for this year’s parade.


If something lolworthy happens v Freo it’ll be the biggest St Essington’s Day of them all.


Can’t wait to bump this thread after we’ve folded like a deck chair on Sunday and everyone is still emotional.


Surely we can still have a moment in the year that epitomizes all that is essington. I nominate cale hookers miss from 20cm out.



But still Bradbury into 8th spot as WC, St.Kilda and the Bulldogs all fail to win !


Nah, that’s just Cale being Cale. He’s always been good for a few clangers each year, it’s just that in defence as he got more experience he learnt what not to do.

If it’s any “moment” of the season then clearly the loss to Brisbane is the winner. You could see it coming miles away, even though it shouldn’t have happened.


it was almost surreal


Where I was sitting it was as if everyone had an epiphany at the same time. “We’re gonna lose this” attitude began very early in the game.


That’s an Essington fan attitude right there.


This week’s game is the Essendon vs Essington Grand Final.

Couldn’t be facing a worse team, with nothing to lose, in worse form at our home ground with absolutely everything on the line.


It felt as if we were losing even while we were in front. Almost as if the crowd had said, “this isn’t good enough”, and were restless.

Of course the players then went on to demonstrate that being 4 goals in front was a fine effort.

And the coaching panel went on to back the players by selecting them the next week.

Strange week all around really.


They’ll leave the roof open and water the grass until 20 minutes before the game.