St Essington's Day


Having backed them by selecting them after the previous week.

“We’ll learn from this”.


Have a sense of humour Go Team.

It’s all we’ve had to get through barracking for this club the past decade.

Others drop off and disengage from the club when the chips are down, we use self deprecation and dry humour to stay with the club through the dark times.




I find the key to reducing anxiety and stress when faced with the prospect of a full Essington mind ■■■■ And this after many years of trial and error, is 4 pints pre game and 2 beers per quarter.


Quite a few bailed last year


I thought the Melbourne game was a fairly high watermark for all things Essington:

  • JoeDan’s kicking.
  • kick-to-kick between the 50’s (Melbourne were almost as Essington as us).
  • getting smashed by Cam farking Pedersen.
  • Jack farking Watts kicking 4 goals.
  • Lewis wandering around untagged doing as he pleased.

The Lions game you could see coming from a mile away - this one I didn’t…


High or low mark when referring to essington?


Only three days until we will have either interred the Benny Hill theme song CD or erected the Spiked pole of comical disappointment.

This is almost as exciting as the game itself.



Today could be the day…

Let’s hope BIG BOI BEGLEY punches St Essington square in the ■■■■■■■ stones.


Yes, ■■■■ you St Essington



This is William Essington - he can be our patron saint of Essington.


Doesn’t Walla hail from somewhere near Port Essington?


Not this year, you holy ■■■■.


Bye Felicia.







I have a big day at work tomorrow and I’m not sure writing myself off today in the name of St Essington would have been wise.


2017 UPDATE: Wanted to wait 24 hours just to make sure there wasn’t any last minute AFL ‘rulings’.

Can confirm the below:


Did Not Fall
No St Essingtons Day this year.