St Essington's Day


The hell do I do with all these decorations?







too early.


Are you sure?


fit list and Port on the rebound at home.

we go 2-2 convincingly and I’ll feel much better about our fortunes.

and Port will be tough. they really took care of Sydney at the SCG.


It’s still mathematically possible for us to make finals


I dare say Joey’s handball to Green out Essington’s all the previous Essington gifs from years past


I think it’s up there with Jay Neagle’s.

But I expect Daniher will get another game some time.


If Neagle’s slots that we go 5 goals up against Geelong in the 3rd. We were playing well. We had belief.

And then it all unravelled.

I reckon you could argue that was directly responsible for the saga.


I’ve been unironically saying that for a long time


I can’t recall a bigger game changing moment, so significant that we completely unravelled and handed Geelong complete momentum…

We looked odds on winning that game should he kick that goal…

Neagle had his papers marked from that point.

Then the Daniher thing happened…that’s next best!


Brutal bump


St Essingtons day looms closer now. Think it will be a very early one this year - maybe even June!




I think some hack like Kerridge slamming home the winner next week will mark St.Essington’s day.


It’s today!!!


It’s still mathematically poss… ah fck it, happy st essington day


Let the gifs begin