St Essington's Day


Mathematical possibility be farked.

We are crap. We are cooked. We are a joke.

Fark Essington.


Level of interest from our players today


We might have a record early St Essingtons day this year.


This partys just getting STARTED!!!




I’m not going to party until @Mendozaaaa says I can


Party on


Bless you


Are gifs even required anymore?


Can this site even play gifs anymore? If they’re over what 10mb they just turn into a link? Must be the only site that cant handle gifs. Even took that joy away


Praise be.


Hey heffsgirl…get your boobs out


The club doesn’t deserve it.




They had their chance on ANZAC day.this club can’t even organise a perv. For shame.


You people sicken me. Have we learnt nothing about getting in early? We are doing exactly what X and the rest of the inept board do and get in early before following the correct process.

For st. Essington day to be taken seriously, we (unfortunately) must wait until it is mathematically impossible to make the finals.

Sorry, thems the rules


10mb? I reckon it’s 1mb. Cant even gif properly, this club


Disgusting - to break from tradition like that is just not on.




They must respect everything that St Essington day stands for